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Mainpuri's Tarkashi art empowering women by providing employment, artists seek govt support in boosting sales

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Mainpuri's Tarkashi art is silently empowering women by providing them employment to aid their better livelihood. However, Tarkashi art makers urge the government to help boost sales in the country and also promote it abroad.

Tarkashi is a technique of inlaying brass, copper, and silver wires in wood. It is a unique and artistic product of the Mainpuri district. It is used for decorating jewelry boxes, name plaques, and other similar items.

Speaking about the history of the art, Gaurav Shakya, Manager at the Tarkashi Art academy in Mainpuri said, " Historically, Tarkashi was used in King's chariot and sword cover. Slowly Tarkashi evolved and now it has transformed into paintings. We make gods and goddesses through Tarkashi painting."

The academy for Tarkashi Art in Mainpuri was started by Shakya's grandfather in 1950 for which they have been awarded on various occasions by both the Central and the state governments.

Tarkashi has also been selected by the UP government in its one district-one product scheme.

Talking about the benefits of ODOP to the art form, Shakya said "Government support through ODOP helps us to avail loans easily without any high-interest rate. It has also helped us in the sales of art paintings as it has increased our exposure to exhibitions but I believe more sales can be done."

On Women workers participating in Tarkashi making, he said, "Women shows more interest in Tarkashi and 90 per cent of the workers are female. If more support is given, then more employment will be generated here." Shakya expects the government to help them boost the sales with their policies and promote handmade products.

He feels Tarkashi art has a potential market abroad.

"If our sales are boosted by their policy, the government can promote handmade products and reduce taxes that will provide more employment and will give stability to workers. Sales is the main issue as locally 4-5 pieces are sold in a month but it can be sold abroad as well," Shakya said.

Sharing the experience of working in Tarkashi art, Kiran Kumari who has been working here for the past 25 years said, "I have been benefitted a lot financially while working here. I am earning 10,000 per month and it helps me run my home properly."

Bhawana a trainee in Mainpuri's Tarkashi Academy said, "I am getting money for training and I receive Rs 4000 per month which will help me become financially stronger."

A homemaker Sudha joined the trainee program recently and believes that the money she is earning will help educate her child and run the family effectively.

Tarkashi art process involves carving the design from a piece of paper onto a hard block of wood in the form of deep and thin grooves. Then the wires are placed in the grooves and knocked into the position by a hammer.

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