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Zuluk, a village into the clouds

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Dzuluk or Zuluk or Jhuluk or Jaluk is a small hamlet located at a height of around 10,000 feet (3,000 m) on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim of the Indian state Sikkim. This place is relatively an emerging and offbeat destination in East Sikkim. Today it is fast emerging as a new tourist destination. It derives its tourism importance due to the excellent view of the eastern Himalayan mountain range including the Kanchenjunga.

 It was once a transit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to India. The silk route that connected Lhasa (Tibet) to Kalimpong was in use even a few decades ago until the Chinese invasion of Tibet. It was commonly used by traders traveling to Tibet through Jelep-la as an overnight base. The route started from Kalimpong and passed through Pedong, Aritar, Dzuluk and Jelepla to Chumbi valley in Tibet.

Zuluk is surrounded by wild forest, some of the forests are completely virgin. Sighting of Deer, Wild Dog, Himalayan Bear the red panda is not very uncommon. Some tigers have also reportedly been sighted in the area. Other than these, the Silk Route place is covered with its scenic beauty, where you will get to see different types of flowers, trees, frozen lakes, rivers, and birds. The main attraction of this place is mainly Zuluk, where you will definitely find snow and frozen lake in the time of winters. The tourists are coming from all over the world to enjoy this beautiful place. The places where you can visit in East Sikkim are Sillerygaon, Reshihola, Aritar, Zuluk, Padamchen, Kupup, Lingtham, Mankhim, Rolep, Rongli, Lungthung, Baba Mandir, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok.

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