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A Must Know Top 11 Substantive Search Engine Optimization factors

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We are talking about the quality of a website and content. By offering a website that is pleasant to use and actually offers a solution for your visitor, you can make a distinction.

Now that your website is optimal in terms of SEO technology and hosting, it is time for perhaps the SEO improvements that have been increasingly rewarded by Google in recent years. We are talking about the quality of your website and content.

Long pages
For years there has been a clear correlation between longer pages and a high position in the search results.

It is not yet entirely clear why that is. Visitors may appreciate a lot of text because they can answer multiple questions with more information. It is also possible that the longer pages ensure that Google measures that the visitors stay on the pages longer and uses this as an indication for good content. Another possibility is that a longer page contains more keywords and therefore attracts more visitors who use other keywords.

An optimal length of 2500 words for one page can be determined from various SEO studies.

Keyword usage
Sounds logical, but it is not the case that if you only place a certain keyword in your text 20 times, you will automatically be found well. By keyword use we mean a natural build-up of your keywords where you think about related keywords and use them in places outside your normal text. Think of the alt text of a picture, a category, a tag or link.

A call-to-action is a button on a page that clearly asks the visitor for action: 'sign up', 'order our brochure' or 'do you want to learn more?'. These are all calls to actions and they take care of a number of things. 1) You write the page with a purpose. 2) The visitor knows what your goal is. (And therefore also test the content with this purpose in mind.) 3) Your visitor will not click around aimlessly and is more inclined to go to the next step.

One of the positive effects of call-to-actions is that they provide a 'click' to the next page and thus help to lower the bounce rate.

Current content
This has been a well-known factor for higher rankings for years. People who search often want the most up-to-date result. It is therefore advisable to update your content every now and then and see if it still applies.

Displaying a date field helps and is included by Google in the search results
You can also display user generated content such as reviews, comments or questions from visitors on your pages, this ensures that the pages are updated again for Google. It is important that Google can index the user generated content. Comments via Facebook or Disqus are not considered part of the content because it is loaded from an external platform.

Strong titles
A good title is used in many CMSs to build out the URL, the page title and the H1. As you may have read in the SEO checks above, these are extremely important. In addition to the placement in the search results, a strong title also ensures a click of the visitor. This increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) which in turn increases the rankings. When thinking of your title, you should therefore think carefully about adding essential keywords as well as convincing the visitor to click on your page instead of the competitors.

No broken links
Links to internal or external URLs that no longer work are called 'broken links'. Whether these are bad for findability has not been proven, but many SEO experts agree that chances are that broken links have a bad influence on the reputation of your website.

Therefore, try to prevent them by structuring your internal links properly, using a plug-in or module that automatically creates the links.

Inbound links
These are links from external websites to your website. This was a very important factor in the early days of Google. The so-called page rank that got a page was calculated based on the rank of the pages that linked to it. It was not long before you could buy links to your pages, causing the value of this system to crumble. In the meantime, page rank is a thing of the past, but inbound, or backlinks as they are sometimes also called, remain an important factor .

Qualitative outbound links
These are links on your pages to external websites. Don't be too conservative with this. I often hear from our clients that they prefer not to place them for fear of losing the visitor. Of course that can happen but realize that this can always happen. The visitor is in control on the internet and you will have to convince them. One of those ways is to enrich your content with links to sources that confirm your claims or content.

Take a good look at the quality of the website you are linking to. Chances are that Google will rate your website higher if the links you place go to high-quality websites.

Enough Internal links
These are important because you draw the visitor's attention to other content within your website. If a visitor clicks on this, this is not only good because they read more content from you, you also let Google know by the click that the visitor makes. User metrics such as the bounce rate are lowered by the initial page with internal links.

So these were some of the factors to keep in mind while doing Search Engine Optimisation. There is a lot to know when you do any Digital Marketing activity so that it gives better and effective results. But where to learn from? Worry not Digi Trainers will help you become a Certified Digital Marketing expert. So get enrolled to the <a href="">Best Digital Marketing Courses in Udaipur</a> .

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