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Shani Dev Temples

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Many people do not believe in God. But I think when they will go to Shani-Shingnapur they will believe in him. In Shani Shingnapur village, we can see the power of Shani dev. By the grace of Shani dev there is god but no temple & there houses have no any door & window. Generally, people fear of Hindu God Shani Dev because they don't know anything about his good nature. God Shani helps those people who follow path of truth in life & also punishes them who are in wrong way in their life. So, we can say that Shani dev is a Just God. We can impress Shani dev by our devoted only. Shani dev is a very powerful god. People fear from his Sade Saathi. This is for seven & half years.

Shani Dev Temples

Shani Shingnapur is a famous pilgrim centre of Shani dev. It is also a powerful temple in all over India. Here, the deity has self emerged from the earth in the form of stone block and was found by shepherds. A unique aspect of this place is that no temple structure have the Shanidev. There is only a simple platform on which stands the Swayambhu idol, in black stone. "Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah." It is the Basic Mantra of God Shani dev. People can chant these mantra's minimum seven times in a day. But chanting 108 times is best for those people who have been troubled by God Shanidev.

Shani Shingnapur is located 6 km from Ghodegoan, Ahmednagar District, In the state of Maharastra (India).

   Gauri Raghav , chandigarh
Posted On : 16.2.2013

Jai shanidev. My dear frnds I believe in shanidev god because unhone mujhe wo sb kuch diya h jo meine unse aj tak manga h or meri sharda unke prati atut h me unki bht badi fan hu me shanidev ko manane ke liye kuch v kr skti hu. Jai shanidev god

   Vemula ramasharma, hyderabad.ANDHRA PRADESH
Posted On : 6.2.2013

very usefull matter thank u

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