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Black Hole

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What is a Black Hole??

The black hole is still a mystery. They can gulp many stars more than the size of a sun and still keep on eating a lot. Imagine a vacuum cleaner in your house which pulls all the dust and other littered things inside it. This can be a way to explain what is a black hole for kids but a black hole is a enigma which still needs a number of evidences and lots of research to be completely explored. The most relevant theory to explain the concept of black hole is the general theory of relativity given by Albert Einstein.

According to the general theory of relativity, a region or a body in the space which does not allow even light to pass through it is called a black hole. This is the simplest way to explain a black hole. Or we can say that the mass and the compactness of any object, curves the timespace. Although light travels in a straight line but due to the super strong gravity the light gets trapped in a black hole. This black hole is formed out of a dead massive star.

How Does a Black Hole Form?
To become a black hole, the star should be 15 times bigger than the sun. Here, death of a star means the end of the nuclear fuel as, in the life cycle of a star there is a continuous nuclear fusion reaction. When a star is dead its layer of hydrogen pulls it inside and the star begins to collapse in its own gravity. This makes the star smaller and even more smaller. Although the star keeps on decreasing in size its gravity keeps on increasing. Due to which there is a concentration of mass in a very small area which can be smaller than an atom. This body is known as a black hole because it does not allow even light to pass through it and as it does not reflect anything, it is invisible or can be considered as black.

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