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Hereís a Quick Guide to Help you Select the Best Phone for your Needs

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When it comes to your smartphone, it is imperative that you pick one that best suits your usage rather than trying to find one that can do it all. Personalising your smartphone is a great way to ensure that you get maximum value for your purchase.

If you were to buy a Vivo smartphone with an incredible camera and use it mainly for gaming, you will be under utilising it on one hand and have a sub-par experience on the other.

To avoid such mismatches, it is important that you take the time to learn about the devices on offer and the key features they come equipped with in order to identify a model that suits you to a T.

With the transition over into the final quarter of 2019 and with all the major launches out of the way, you can get a Redmi, Vivo, Realme, Samsung, OnePlus or OPPO mobile that sports multiple features that youíre interested in.

Many of these offerings are tailored for specific functionalities; however, these can cost you a pretty penny depending on the brand you choose.

Regardless of whether youíre interested in a premium or budget-friendly smartphone, you should consider shopping for mobile on EMI via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to stay within budget and win assured gifts.

With over 80,000 partner retailers, offline and online, across 1,800+ cities, this network is one of Indiaís largest. Additionally, thanks to No Cost EMIs, you donít pay a single rupee over the mentioned price of the product and protect yourself from unwanted hidden charges. Now that youíre aware of a cost-effective way to get a new smartphone, follow this guide to identify the best phone for yourself.

Decide on the budget and scout for a unit in the price range

Before you delve into the world of specifications, it is important that you zero in on the price range you wish to target. Smartphones can be loosely classified based on their cost from budget options to mid-range and lastly the premium flagships.

However, do note that with the influx of international brands into the Indian market, a lot of budget phones sport features that are usually found in mid-range or even flagships.

While these devices may be a good purchase, it pays to conduct your own research into the brand to know more about the components used and whether or not it is a worthy buy.

Ensure that the CPU and RAM module are fairly new releases

When it comes to picking out the device that is best for you, it is important to priorities the core components of function. With a smartphone the CPU and RAM largely dictate the overall experience be it with apps, the camera, and general use.

So, even if youíre in the market for a phone with a powerful camera, find one with a relatively newer CPU so that you donít experience below-average camera performance.

Typically, having around 4GB RAM with a Snapdragon 7 series CPU is a smart bet and should last you a few years before your next upgrade.

Look out for a beefy battery pack

Another core component to opt for is a sturdy battery. Typically, you should try to find one with at least a 4000mAh battery as this allows you to use your phone for a generous amount of time before needing to be charged again.

Further, smartphones with newer battery technology also benefit from more advanced charging features, such as VOOC Fast Charging 3.0. This reduces your phones downtime and allows you to get back on the road quicker and for longer.

Check network connectivity options

Network connectivity is a crucial aspect of any new phone youíre looking to get. For example, if youíre switching over to a 4G SIM card to enjoy greater network speeds, ensure that the phone you get supports 4G network bands.

While many phones launched today inherently support 4G, keep this pointer in mind for when the 5G networks are rolled out and you look to upgrade your device.

Besides your SIM card, check to see if the phone has Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity. This will diversify your options, helping you stay on-the-go, always.

Opt for at least 32GB in-built storage that can be further expanded

In-built storage is often overlooked because many smartphones allow you to expand the memory these days. However, itís always better to have apps and certain types of files stored on the phone memory because memory cards have a tendency of failing and corrupting data, especially if improperly handled. This is why it is best to get enough in-built storage and then expand as per your growing needs.

Scout for the ideal screen size as per your preference

Screen size entirely depends on your preference and hand size. Thatís why it is better to first visit a few retailers and have hands-on experience with the device before making any purchase.

The way a phone feels when youíre using it is just as important as any other aspect of the device, as it ultimately adds to your mobile experience.

Keep this guide in mind when browsing the stores and websites for a smartphone that is tailored to your needs.

Most of all keep track of your budget and shop affordably this festive season by opting for No Cost EMIs via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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