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Not Just Car Crashes, Car Highjacks Are Daunting Too. Are You Prepared for That?

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Every industry has a range of high-value assets like money, jewellery, pharmaceuticals, cargo and more, which require protection at every step. Among all, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are affected the most by hijackers or violent attackers. Cash in transit vans are frequently exposed to such significant threats where it becomes essential for every organisation to provide increased security and safety.

Although most banks and companies have their set of guidelines that are implemented on an internal level, keeping a 24*7 watch over the cash in transit vehicle becomes vital to avoid any mishap. We have seen many instances where a van carrying money is hijacked or attacked, which has resulted in the injuries to security personal. For such cases, increasing security becomes crucial.

As the safety of cash in transit van and security personal are the primary concerns, many commercial organisations have adopted modern technologies as an external set of protection.

Some of the potential threats to high-value assets in transit are:

- Mob attacking the driver
- A considerable amount being stolen by the accompanying staff or other individuals
- Collisions occurring due to blind spots
- Unknowingly getting followed by criminals
- Hijacking the van

These threats cannot be ignored because of their potential of stealing or destroying high-value assets, which incurs a massive loss to banks or organisations. With such scenarios in mind, banks and other organisations have now started opting incorporating technological solutions, especially for cash in transit vehicles. It helps monitor the vans with additional safety in the form of GPS trackers, dashcams, and similar tech-based devices.

Some of the advantages of installing a GPS tracker or a dashcam in the high-value transit logistic vans are:

Enhanced security

While relying on transportation of high-value assets, drivers are of most significance. As an organisation head or the owner of the vehicle, it becomes your duty to ensure the safety of the driver along with the assets. GPS trackers or dashcams installed in the van make it easier for the owners to improve the security of vehicle, driver and the assets.

High efficiency

Among the best things of GPS trackers is the live-location feature which helps ensure high efficiency of work. You can stay updated every time your vehicle is on the move, which brings ability in completing the job on time assigned to the driver. In addition to knowing the current location, GPS tracker will also help identify the best route possible to reach the destination with fewer hassles.

Live-location tracking

The feature of live-location tracking helps the owner or head of the organisation to know the route taken by the driver for delivering all those high-value assets. GPS trackers, when installed with dashcams, give perfect external security to the vehicle and driver for protecting assets.

Reduced Risk of Theft

The risk of theft of any high-value asset is the most crucial factor for any organisation. Between the collection and delivery of assets, there lies a vast potential of hijacks or attacks by external forces. When a dashcam and GPS trackers are installed in the van, it becomes easier to keep an eye on the current situation. These technical gadgets automatically help reduce risk factors.

Resource Optimization

While delivering the priced assets, it is of utmost importance to maintain transparency between the van driver and the owner. If any instance of late delivery or similar occurs, vehicle tracking devices will help you know the cause. Trust and safety are primary concerns of any organisation possessing high-value assets which have frequent logistic movements. A dashcam and GPS tracker can do the job in such instances, especially in cases of cash in transit vehicles.

These are amongst many benefits of securing your assets with technical gadgets. The development of GPS tracking device such as KENT CamEye has given a new face to the logistic and transportation industry.

Make KENT CamEye Your 24*7 Watch Partner

The revolutionary product uses the latest AI-based technology to help you safeguard your assets with many features like face recognition, over speeding alert, live-location tracking, idle engine alert, and more. Amongst other features, KENT CamEye has dual-camera setup which helps you know your vehicle inside-out.

Making KENT CamEye your 24*7 watch partner, especially in when there is cash in transit, helps increase the safety of your asset along with the driver of the vehicle. If in any case, the van doesnít move for long, the device will immediately alert you. Also, if the driverís phone is discharged, you can communicate through the deviceís 2-way calling feature. Car hijack can be terrifying, but make sure you are well prepared.

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