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Sony vs VU: Which Brands make the Best Television in the Present Time?

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With the market featuring both prominent, age-old manufacturers like Sony and promising new brands like Vu, selecting a TV can become tricky. The attractive features available and he compelling price points can literally have you spoilt for choice! In such a situation it's best to base your decision on objective parameters that will impact your viewing experience.

For instance, you may prefer a Sony TV with a built-in camera to a Vu television that doesnít have one. Likewise, you may prefer a Vu television with a QLED display to a Sony TV that has a regular LED panel.

Luckily, even though TVs from Sony and Vu may look similar and their displays may seem equally attractive, the hardware and technology used tend to differ. So, you can quite effectively filter out TV sets based upon whatís important to you.

To help you make an informed decision, hereís a rundown on the key technologies that come with Sony and Vu television sets.

Vu TV Technology and Features


Vu couples 4K resolution displays with the WCG (Wide Colour Gamut) technology to give you crisp images with enhanced colours. While WCG compatibility ensures that the tones you see are more impactful, as the colours are intensified, the 4K resolution produces sharp and detailed content via over 8 million pixels. Together, these provide for an immersive visual experience.
QLED displays

Vu in its Quantum Pixelight LED TV series sets sport a QLED display. A QLED display has tiny, nano-sized semiconductor-based crystals that work to give you enhanced and improved contrast ratios, brightness and colour accuracy.

The Quantum Pixelight Vu TVs also have large screen sizes, 65 inches to 75 inches, thus promising you a cinema-like experience at home.

HDR Supreme

Some Vu TVs also have HDR technology thus giving you images that possess greater depth. This is because factors like the accuracy of colours and contrast ratios are improved and so, irrespective of the shades present in the content, the visuals look brighter and better.

With HDR displays, the gap between whites and blacks is enhanced and this lets you enjoy more natural and lifelike viewing.

Android OS and Vu OS

Vu Smart TVs run on an Android OS or an Opera-based operating system called a Vu OS. TVs with the Android OS give you access to tons of apps that you can download from the store and TVs with the Vu OS have the AnyView Cast feature, which allows you to cast content from your mobile phone on to the big screen.

Moreover, these devices also have the Remote Now app, which allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for greater convenience.

Sony TV Technology and Features

Triluminos Display

A Sony trademark, the Triluminos Display offers a wider colour palette and thus gives you enhanced the viewing experience. This technology also produces natural tones, thanks to its excellent colour adaptation and precise colour mapping.

Besides, unlike most other LED TVs that donít reproduce blues, reds and greens efficiently, Sony TVs with Triluminos Display panels do the job well.

Android OS

Sony smart TVs run on the Android operating system, which works seamlessly on the appliance. You also get to install various apps available on Google Play and thus have a variety of games and media options at your disposal.

Besides, the OS is easy to launch, and the content bar is customisable. It also allows you to browse media while still watching ongoing content and the latest Sony TVs come with Google Assistant, which makes browsing easier and handier.

Built-in camera

In terms of hardware, Sony goes the extra mile and offers you a built-in camera with its premium models. Thanks to this, you can now record moments that you spend with your loved ones, enjoy live video calling or even take selfies!

MotionFlow XR

As a rule of thumb, the faster the refresh rate, the clearer high action content will appear on the screen. Sony TVs have MotionFlow XR, a technology that improves the TVs display speed by adding additional images into the incoming feed and hence reduces blurring. This feature useful for gamers and for viewing live sports like cricket and football.

X-Protection Pro

Sony also has excellent protection features that safeguard your TV from damage against both internal and external factors. The sets have no ventilation holes and so, your TV is protected from dust particles that would otherwise enter it.

Further, the wires and cables have a special anti-humid coating, which lowers the risk of a short circuit arising due to high moisture levels. Also, the internal safety capacitor safeguards the TV against power fluctuations and your set is protected against lightning, up to 9000 volts.

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