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6 Ways AI Improves Daily Living

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Through AI, technology is making life easier. Machine learning is being used to learn human behavior so that apps can predict what you might want and at what time. In this way, some activities like ordering groceries, watching movies, listening to music, and more are done for you by their respective apps. Here is how AI improves daily living.

1. Home Security

If you are looking for top technology in home security, be sure to go for alarm and camera systems that are AI-integrated. These AI systems utilize machine learning and facial recognition software to create a catalog of frequent visitors to your home. This allows the system to identify strangers instantly. Having AI-powered systems of security is an initial step toward home automation and offers numerous other useful features. These include notifying you the moment children arrive home from school and tracking the movements of pets. These systems can even notify emergency services autonomously, which makes it a great alternative to other subscription-based services that are similar.

2. Digital Media

Machine learning has vast potential in the entertainment industry, and it is usually used in streaming services like Netflix, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. These sites employ algorithms that act like neural networks to eradicate low-quality playback and buffering, offering you top quality from the internet service provider you use. Algorithms that are powered by AI can assist in media production too. Numerous news stories are now being produced by AI algorithms to reduce production time. For instance, Shelly is an MIT-developed AI that assists Twitter users to create horror stories via deep learning algorithms as well as a wealth of user-generated fiction.

3. Self-Driving Cars

AI technology is quickly pushing for self-driving cars. Cars that are powered by AI are surpassing humans when it comes to safety. This is according to research by Google. AI allows self-driving cars to adapt immediately to changing conditions and learn from new situations. Currently, most of the critical car brands are looking to integrate this technology with their fleet.

4. Ride-sharing Apps

AI-powered ride-sharing services like Uber employ AI in determining the time to be taken from the current location of the user to their destination. This lets users know what time they will arrive at their destination, the period it takes for the driver to arrive, and the time it takes for food delivery to get to you. Also, Uber uses AI to set prices depending on what they think you are willing to pay. According to the Independent, the company is creating AI that will assist in determining if a rider is drunk prior to the driver accepting the pick-up. This software will try to assess the state of the rider by analyzing and comparing factors like walking speed and typing patterns.

5. Fraud Prevention

Banks are using AI to send mobile notifications to assist in avoiding fraud. For instance, in case of an unusually massive transaction in your account, you might receive a warning notification on your phone. Also, if you start making purchases in a state that you donít live in, you are flagged to prevent fraud. This will need you to contact the bank to verify the buy. These kinds of notifications are made possible by your daily financial transactions. This allows AI to pinpoint strange patterns in your spending behavior.

6. Music Recommendation

Music streaming services are using AI to assess your listening habits. The software then uses the data to recommend other songs that you can like. For instance, Spotify provides recommendations for new releases, old favorites, and new discoveries depending on your listening behavior. Google Play also offers customized music recommendations. These suggestions that are powered by AI consider factors such as time and weather to provide music that can create the proper mood for activities.

Whether its ride-sharing or fraud prevention, AI is making life easier and safer for you. You can do things effortlessly without having to worry about security.

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