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Here's How to Carry Out a Successful Home Renovation Project

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We all wish to revamp our home to make it more functional or to give it a modern look. It may sound easy, but it’s not that simple a task. The renovation is a whole project in itself! It’s like building the house from scratch.

From finding the right contractor to ensuring your décor ideas translate into reality the right way, you need to plan everything well. Also, to get the finances for your renovation project right, you can avail an instant personal loan.

So, if you have plans to renovate your home any time soon, here are a few things to consider.

                                                                               Assessment of Current State

Before other things, get a thorough evaluation of the current state of your house done. For this, look for a surveyor who can identify what all areas need reconstruction. He will also help you investigate drainage problems, infestations and heaves, if any.

This assessment will also reveal what type of material was used and to what extent alterations are needed.

                                                                               Finding the Right Contractor

This is the most critical part of your plan, as it is this person who will rip out your walls and spend your money. So, you better get this right.

Spend considerable time to find the right contractor before you go ahead. Search for contractors by speaking to acquaintances and browsing on the web. Even after you shortlist a few, don’t zero down on anyone before thoroughly researching about them. You may look at online forums and speak to their past customers. You can also ask questions such as:

To their previous customers:

- Were your expectations met?
- Did the contractor meet the deadlines?
- Are the used materials and fixtures satisfactory?

To the contractor:

- Can you give the cost breakdown?
- How long have you been working in our area?
- Are you insured, licensed and bonded?
- What timeline are you going to follow?
- Will you obtain a work permit?
- Will you give us a written contract?

Once entirely convinced with the credentials and past work record, you can seal the deal. Try building a good bond with the contractor as the association will affect how smoothly your work gets done!

                                                                                       Set a Budget

Although the chances are that you will most likely go overboard with the set budget, it is imperative that you plan a budget for each of the categories. A proportion of the sum will directly go to the contractor, but various other expenditures will need to be planned out.

Identify and divide expenses into areas such as Kitchen fixtures, upholstery, electrical fittings and others. Research the market with respect to variants and prices and set a budget for yourself to have some check on your expenses!

                                                                                          Ensure a Stable Structure

Ensure you don’t just beautify your house but also make it strong and durable. See if any underpinning or piling is needed to stabilise an existing foundation. Also, check if any new water or electricity connection is required or if any drain needs to be relocated. Your house may also require rewiring.

                                                                                       Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Often, in a bid to get the floor and the side walls right, most of us give less importance to the ceiling. However, with changes in the look and feel of the rooms, the roof needs to be adjusted too. Discuss the same with architects or interior designers and accordingly go ahead.

                                                                                       Don’t Worry About Matching Everything

While you may have themes and colour schemes in mind, we suggest, don’t go overboard with these. Don’t worry too much about matching everything. Be a little open and try various looks and designs before zeroing down on anyone.


This must begin once the main fixing and construction work is accomplished. Ensure the building is relatively clean and dust free so that you can get the right finishing. You can also now get the shower enclosures, doors and windows fitted. When this is complete, proceed to get the blinds, carpets and upholstery sorted and fitted. Going in a step by step manner will ensure that you’re able to give detailed attention to every aspect.

                                                                                       Give Yourself Some Time Post Shifting In

After the house is finally ready to move in, get a thorough clean up done. Then even after shifting, be prepared for some snagging, as small problems are bound to crop up. Keep all the numbers handy, so that you can call them for assistance whenever needed. You may hold back a certain amount of remuneration of the contractor which you may pay after a few months to keep them in the loop.

                                                                                       Get Your Finances in Order!
We know you don’t want to compromise on your renovation project. So, to get it just how you want it, avail an instant personal loan from a reputed financial institution. These days, institutions like ABFL Direct offer personal loans with features like quick disbursal, online approval (within 30 minutes), no collateral and flexible tenure.

Moreover, instant personal loans will ensure that you don’t fall short of funds to fulfill your dream renovation.

So, don’t overthink. Create the house you desire to live in!

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