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PrepAway Quick Guide: Six Sigma White Belt Certification and Advantages of Getting Certified

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The organizations nowadays use Six Sigma Methodologies during the actual implementation of projects. This is a solid reason that should drive us to become Six Sigma White Belt Certified professionals. Six Sigma White Belt certification is designed to equip the candidates with the utmost understanding of the fundamentals of the Six Sigma Methodology. Certified professionals have a profound understanding of who should be engaged in the different work processes within a particular organization. In this PrepAway Quick Guide, we will focus on the details of this popular certification.


Six Sigma White Belt certification is an entry-level credential that is designed to ensure that the candidate is familiar to the fundamentals of methodologies such as:

- Understanding of the customer’s needs

 - Current performance measurement

 - Project definition

 - Solutions identification

 - Improvements in sustainability

DMAIC processes

Waste minimization and customer satisfaction optimization

The certification is perfect for individuals who are determined to understand more about productivity and performance improvement. To be certified, candidates need to pass Six Sigma White Belt exam, which has 15 questions to be done within 30 minutes.

If you want to get more information about Six Sigma White Belt Certification and its exam, visit the official Six Sigma website.

After understanding the key aspects that you will acquire after taking Six Sigma White Belt certification, it is necessary to prepare properly for the exam. Besides, it is important to know the advantages and benefits attached to the credential. PrepAway has prepared the list of the top advantages that you will get as a certified professional prepaway.netv.

Higher Salary

The truth is that everyone would like to have a high salary to satisfy the demands of modern life. Certification is one of the most efficient ways to achieve it. Let's consider this: in many cases, companies hire individuals to apply Six Sigma Methodologies to improve the processes within the organization. If you possess the skills that will help to establishbusiness continuity processes and support the stable workflow, your organization will benefit from your work, and your skills will be appreciated. The appreciation is tied to things like increased payment and promotion. In addition, the possession of the most-sought skills will make you a valuable professional and you will never fail any job interview you attend. Truly, Six Sigma White Belt certified professionals can choose where to be employed because they are in high demand. Their average annual pay is around $104 974 exclusive of the allowances.

Career Development

We heard of it from friends, colleagues, or even family members; the individuals who have received undergraduate or even postgraduate degrees cannot reach their desired job positions. Things do change quickly once they get Six Sigma White Belt certification. Why? The truth is that the employers or hiring managers need specialists who are highly experienced in the implementation of the Six Sigma Methodologies. The generalists are rarely considered. Therefore, having this credential will be a good advancement in your career and will always help you stand out from the crowd.

Job Security

Once you are in any company utilizing Six Sigma Methodologies, then your job is always secure. You will be always in the front line of the management because it is your job now to implement the solutions that can increase the profits and optimize the costs. In other words, you will be deeply involved in the decision-making process of the company. If there will be no such specialist in the company you are working for, then the management will be making a lot of business errors that can result in a loss.

Prepare for Error Elimination

The Six Sigma White Belt certified professional is the one who can identify errors and find appropriate solutions. The uncertified employees might not be able to determine the flow of the business, while you can do it with the help of Six Sigma Principles. You will be able to identify the errors that can cause a huge loss to the company and correct them before they become a serious threat. All the solutions, in this case, should be implemented professionally.

Opportunity to Represent Your Company

Once your company has realized your capabilities in the implementation of Six Sigma Methodologies, you will not only have a chance to lead other employees who are in your area of expertise but also represent your company in various summits and other occasions. We have already mentioned that this certification can provide you with a higher salary, but representing your company comes with huge advantages too.

Global Recognition

Six Sigma White Belt certification is recognized worldwide. The good thing about the credentials that are globally accepted is that you will never stay jobless because you can even work online with international companies. Certification that is not recognized globally limits your chances because you will only be having a small sphere to act on. With Six Sigma White Belt certification, your career will grow steadily over time.

DMAIC Proficiency

When we talk about Six Sigma principles, there is nothing more important than explaining the DMAIC model. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. The professionals usually use this 5-step process in almost every management task. The proficiency gained during the certification process is very important since the core technology that is used in the implementation of the Six Sigma Methodology becomes your working tool. Six Sigma White Belt certification proves that you have the utmost skills required while implementing Six Sigma  Methodologies.

Job Opportunities

- Project Manager

- Human Resource Manager

- Finance Manager


Six Sigma White Belt certification comes with a lot of advantages that can propel your career. Certification is necessary for the individuals who are handling tasks that need the implementing of the Six Sigma Methodologies. We hope that this material from PrepAway will help you make the right decision. Get certified and give your company the best solutions that last.

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