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How do I Block Spam and Increase Time Spent on the Page at the Same Time?

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Websites are notorious for attracting unwanted visitors. Complications can occur when administrators attempt to bring in more traffic, while also attempt to block spammers. The blocking of spam can often deter new guests, as well. It is important to focus on blocking only the unnecessary visitors, while encouraging visits from those in the desired audience. This happens by placing proper limitations on interactive features, checking your analytics regularly, and initiating proper filters. This tricky method requires regular maintenance. The effort pays off, however.

Check your Analytics Reports for Bots

Many people start a website and simply focus on the content. A misguided attempt to run a successful site with content alone, often prevails. In order to maintain sufficient traffic of the correct type of audience, the analytics require review. Start with the traffic report and block individual sites that you recognize as an issue. This can change from day to day. Schedule maintenance on a regular basis. IP addresses often identify bots, however, there are many ways to disguise them. Look closer by addressing the user agent. Take notice of user agents with a complete bounce rate and zero minutes of session time, you have a bot on your hands. Your goal is to be people to stay on the site for several minutes at a time

Traffic source tables also show referrers. The bots in this group also show with 100 percent bounce and zero time in a session. Set the filter to keep these groups out. “Direct” and “None” tables are important resources. This is the easiest and most popular location to find a bot. Like everywhere else, look for heavy spikes in traffic with zero session time. Any section of your analytics report that shows a higher than normal bounce rate or a 100 percent bounce rate, is a red flag. Consider these sources bots and proceed to filter them. Your overall traffic may show a decline after this activity.

- Check traffic sources
- Check time spent on the site
- Take note of sites to block


Comments play a big part in how people see your website. This is because, mainly, those that comment place opinions that other read. Unfortunately, bots also gain access to your comments section. This section of your page helps to fight bots and bring in more traffic. It pays to spend some time on your own comments section. There are plugins that can help you catch spam, as well. Allow some time to interact with the commenters. Leave replies to comments. Bots are unable to reply appropriately to detailed questions. They respond with generic answers. The voice comment option available from the Heyoya comment plugin helps to filter bots and other spam more efficiently.

Spending time in the comments section accomplishes the task of weeding out bots and also helps with bringing in more traffic. Guests like to see the administration become interactive on their own sites. If your followers know that you plan to check in on a regular basis, they may come back more often. They may also refer others to your site. Comments give many clues to the climate of the website. Guests may voice discontent with certain features. Frustration with email subscriptions, or a messy layout. Take into consideration the criticism, and use it to make your site more agreeable to incoming traffic.


Some filters require manual setting and help to avoid bots. These filters do not hurt your chances of receiving adequate traffic. Go ahead and turn on the bot filtering option. This one step significantly improves your site traffic quality. You need to set questionable sites to the exclude filter. This filter may not help you due to your present settings, or your desire to keep the site more open to increase traffic. Filters are helpful, but often underused. Many site developers believe that disabling filters may prevent desirable traffic, as well. New, customized filters are the best option, as the problem persists. Heyoya brings you spam filtering with 24/7 support. This plugin aims to increase the traffic you desire, while guarding your site from unwanted spam. Comment plugins are often designed help to minimize spam.

- Filter out what you can find
- Use a plugin made to keep sites clear

Know the Warning Signs

Non-human interaction on your site presents as human. In most cases identification eludes site owners. If you see a sudden spike in traffic with no particular reason, bots visited your site. They can come at any time. You know when to expect increased traffic to the site. When a new post or product shows up, your traffic should increase momentarily. Increased traffic with no motivating factors shows bots at work. Referral sources that do not present as relevant to your site should also fall under suspicion. Your hostname presents on the results. When the hostname that shows up is not yours, expect a bot. The main warning signs are names and identities that do not match up with the site offerings.

- Random sites
- Oddly timed increased traffic
- Ridiculous responses on comments


Statistics show that more established sites are the most likely to receive spam, or bot traffic. Once study showed an incredible 59 percent bot traffic flow. A large percentage of these, 29 percent, were malicious. Popularity makes both individuals, and business groups, more vulnerable to the antics of bots. Even though these statistics seem grim, awareness of the situation makes you more able to fight back.

- Focus on your audience
- Update content
- Network
- Filter properly
- Check reports regularly
- Interact with guests

A positive website rating and traffic expansion often brings high levels of bots to the game. While these are not good for your ratings, they do give you some level of understanding about your site’s popularity. If bots are bothering you, then you are reaching out pretty well into the online community. Implement filters to keep from having to deal with further spam, and continue to reach out to the audience. Check your filters, block when necessary, and know the statistics. Your site needs proper maintenance to engage the audience. Heyoya can increase the interaction of your guests, making it a necessary plugin to help with this objective. Bots happen, however, they avoidance occurs with the proper tactics. Take the time to check all areas of your analytics reports, and stay involved with your audience.

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