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Virtual Tape Libraries

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Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection solutions, introduced the Tandberg DPS1000 Series™ Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) in India. Its intuitive management, secure, seamless integration, and scalability are unsurpassed.

Further, a single unit can connect up to 100 separate systems - it automatically discovers, connects and presents a unique virtual library for each host system, including virtual systems, servers and workstations.

By using high-performance, cost-effective disk storage to emulate a traditional tape library, a VTL optimizes the performance of data protection operations, providing almost immediate access to data and dramatically reducing backup and recovery time. The ease of integration into existing storage environments makes a VTL the disk-based data protection solution of choice for many organizations.

The DPS1000 Series offers even more than a typical VTL Business Unit Manager for Disk and Software at Tandberg Data. It creates a unique and secure virtual library connection for up to 100 host systems, including remote servers and virtual machines, and then automatically protects all systems to physical tape. Each system can run a different backup application – there is no sharing conflict since each system believes it has its own tape library.

The DPS1000 Series VTL can be used with Tandberg Data Tape Libraries for consolidated off-site backup, long term archiving and disaster recovery. Optional DPS Expansion Modules can be utilised to provide additional capacity.

Sharable and Secure:

The Tandberg DPS1000 Series quickly and cost-effectively protects multiple systems. A single unit can connect up to 100 separate systems and each system can run a different backup application. The DPS1000 Series has been designed to make it easier to protect data in virtualised environments; it scales easily with a one-to-one mapping of a virtual machine to its own virtual tape library connection. If a virtual machine is no longer online, then its library connection is persistently maintained. The DPS1000 Series is configurable as a single drive per library or up to eight drives within a single virtual library. The virtual shelf allows tapes to be electronically removed from the active library and stored for later retrieval or export. Tapes on shelf can be moved to other libraries electronically, providing data portability without physically moving tapes.

To ensure maximum data security, the DPS1000 creates a unique and secure virtual library connection for each host system. This isolation of data helps to satisfy regulatory compliance concerning maintaining controls and storage separation of data. Each client or server has its own library to back data up to. To provide maximum security of data, the DPS1000 only allows the system that backed up the data to restore the data.


Seamless Integration:
The DPS1000 Series is easy to install and configure using the existing Ethernet network without disrupting any existing backup policies and schedules. The Tandberg DPS1000 easily integrates into existing storage environments. It emulates an industry standard tape drive and library, and installation causes no disruption to existing backup schemes and retention policies.  Each host system can be configured using a wizard, and the DPS1000 Series’ management features automatically discover, connect and present a virtual library and available tape media for each host system. Additional drive and cartridge creation takes only one click – and no mapping or configuration changes are required. The dynamic Web-based help system provides guidance and instructions on the specific functions and tasks being managed.

For optimum data protection, it is not enough to perform just local data backups.  Maintaining off-site copies for long term archiving and disaster recovery is critical. Proper and efficient data management can also reduce media costs. The DPS1000 Series works seamlessly with Tandberg Data tape libraries without requiring separate agents or burden of any additional licensing costs. By utilising built-in policy based scheduling, the DPS1000 series drastically improves the efficiency and reliability of tape operations without any performance impact to the backup server. With virtual tape stacking, media costs can be reduced by consolidating the amount of cartridges used. Finally, virtual cartridges can be flagged for physical export, and output for off-site transfer of physical media can be scheduled.

The DPS1000 Series can be sized for any environment with the DPS Expansion Module. These 2U disk arrays can be utilized with the DPS1000 Series to provide additional capacity as and when required, adding up to 45TB of raw storage in 4.5TB increments.

By using the built in Dynamic Data Reduction, the effective storage available on disk can be expanded even further, reaching reduction ratios up to 10 to 1. Dynamic Data Reduction functions in-line with data transfer to disk and automatically detects data compressibility, shutting off reduction for non-compressible data sets.

Pricing and Availability:

The DPS1000 Series VTL is now available through Tandberg Data’s established channel of distributors and resellers. The DPS1000 Series VTL comes with three years warranty and Advanced Replacement Program.

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