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4 Useful Methods To Stay Safe When Using A Public Wi-Fi Network

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Public Wi-Fi networks at hotels, restaurants, cafes and public spots etc. which might be a huge risk because they may not require authentication to establish a network connection. You can access Wi-Fi in more places than ever, enabling you to keep in touch or catch up with work from wherever you happen to be, but getting online is not that much simple as well as safe also, as it is with your home network. Many people are not aware of this, but Wi-Fi hotspots at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or your local hotel that offers it as a complimentary service are not safe for private browsing, performing other financial transactions or for viewing your emails.

A public Wi-Fi network is inherently less secure than your personal, private one because you don't know who set it up, or who else is connecting to it. Public Wi-Fi does not offer any encryption for all individual audiences having same password and hotspot. An unskilled hacker can intercept your signal using a phoney hotspot or a tampering software that can be found on a search engine.

Normally all are thinking that this encryption secures their traffic, but they do not realize anyone who has the password that can still snoop on the packets that transfer data over the network. The software which is used to eavesdrop easily can be obtained on the internet and does not require a lot of technical skills to operate.

This helps contribute to public Wi-Fi hotspots being more popular attack targets than some personal or private networks. In some cases, we need to think that is not a practical or even possible also which you can still limit the potential damage from public Wi-Fi with a few simple steps in detail.

Easy Way to Secure:

The best way to secure your traffic while using public Wi-Fi is to use a virtual private network (VPN), As you are connected with all your internet traffic is sent from your PC with an encrypted tunnel to all the providerís endpoint. Then the traffic is secure with all local eavesdroppers with any public Wi-Fi network. These public VPN services typically cost some few dollars in a month. For this one software is available on all mobile phones which enables a VPN to start automatically when connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It is one of the securities that we are away from the risk by using hotspots.

VPN Configuration:

All the users need to keep in their mobiles with VPN configured in which the time you connect to a website over a public Wi-Fi your session is encrypted. It is very useful for your computers and mobiles with high security. In your URL field, you should see HTTPS and not HTTP and make sure the entire session remains encrypted while you are internet surfing. In a few sites that will encrypt your login and then later during the session will send you to an HTTP connection, which will make you vulnerable to a hijacking attack. It is best to encrypt the entire session. In some sites, it will help you by encrypting.

Secure With FTP:

Using file transfer protocol (FTP) transaction over a public Wi-Fi, it is more risk and they can easily hack your data. And avoid using any other protocols that transfer data in an unsecured manner unless you have a VPN established. In some cases, you can use secure FTP, which would encrypt your session. For email client programs, need to verify SSL with server connections.

Secure and Use Hotspot SSID:

A very common attack involves a hacker setting up a public Wi-Fi hotspot of their own near the site of the public Wi-Fi having similar name the appropriate which the business uses. In this, you can occur a problem which your browsing activity is being routed through the attackerís network, which would enable them to monitor the traffic. To avoid this, always verify the exact name of the hotspotís SSID from the business hosting it. By using this public hotspot you canít see the two access points with the same name.

These are the ways that you can protect Your Data from Hackers While Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots. I hope it helps you all. Fusion Informatics Ė the multinational company provides app development in UAE, UK, India and US.

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