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Your Guide to Buying a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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Buying a washing machine may confuse you as many brands may offer enticing features. They also come with large variety of the washers as well.

In the market, you get fully automatic, semi-automatic, front load and top load washing machine. If you are ready to buy a fully automatic washing machine, here is a quick guide that can help you.

Consider these aspects before buying a washing machine.

➢Functionality – Check if you want a washing machine that can finish all washing chores on its own and without your involvement. Do you have enhanced or complex laundry needs? Ask yourself before buying a washing machine so that it can serve the purpose of your purchase.

➢Pricing factor – Buying a washing machine can pinch your pocket, and the pricing may depend on the model, features and other aspects. However, you can still find many great washing machines in the mater matching your budget. Want to buy a fully automatic washing machine but have budget limits? You can now buy a fully automatic washing machine on EMI and pay in easy installments.

➢Load capacity – Another crucial aspect to consider while buying an ideal washing machine is its loading capacity. If you a large family, you may need a bigger machine, and a small family will need a smaller machine.

➢Loading options – How much space you have got? Do you also wish to save more water and energy? You can prefer a washing machine with either front or top loading option.

You know some factors to consider before purchasing a washing machine. Let’s know about a fully automatic washing machine quickly.

What is a fully automatic washing machine?

As the name suggests, a fully automatic washing machine does exactly what the name says – they are laced with multiple washing modes and programs. All that you need to do is – adjust all settings, and power on the button and it will start working. The machine works everything automatically, so once you have selected a wash program, you need not do anything else other than just turning it on.

When you have the semi-automatic washing machine, you need to do certain things manually and monitor the chores. On the other hand, the fully automatic washing machine saves time. However, on the budget sheet, the fully automatic washing machine will cost you more than a semi-automatic washing machine. Nonetheless, you need not worry about budget issues you can buy the fully automatic washing machine on EMI.

Types of fully automatic washing machines – front load vs top load

The fully automatic washing machine comes with two types of load which is top load and front load. Top load fully automatic washing machine lets you load clothes from the top while the front load machines load from the side. Thus, depending as per your needs and budget, you should choose between a front load and top load.

●Top load fully automatic washing machine

The top load fully automatic washing machines are narrower than front load washers, and you need to load your clothes by lifting the lid. Some benefits of using a top load machine include:

✓Lower in cost than front load machines
✓The washing machine is designed ergonomically – no more bending down to load and unload the device

●Front load fully automatic washing machine

The front load washing machine comes with a door on the front side. Some of the benefits of buying a front load fully automatic washing machine are:

✓Better wash quality due to long wash cycles and tumble wash
✓Water efficient
✓Comes with more cycle settings
✓Use less energy

Some of the major aspects of the fully automatic washing machine are now revealed to you. You can choose as per your needs, family size and the budget.

Get your next fully automatic washing machine on EMI

Since the fully automatic washing machine models can be quite expensive, the best thing that you can do about it buying one on EMI.

Buying a fully automatic washing machine on EMI will not only help you divide the cost of the appliance into a convenient tenor but also let you pay affordable EMIs. You can use the No Cost EMI facility and divide the cost into monthly installments at no extra cost.

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