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Brilliant Ways to Modify Your Existing Floor Plan

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Are you tired of the layout of your home or need some extra space to create an in-house studio or maybe a small office? You might not realise it, but itís time for a renovation. Itís time to give your floor plan a brand-new look by using new-age construction materials like drywall, fiberboard and more. In short, you need to make some changes in the existing floor plan whether by using drywall partition or fiber cement board.

Our advice is to get in touch with your inner architect before you start planning the alterations that your mind wants. Will the future space have an open layout or defined functional spaces? Will it have a romantic feel with a classical touch or sleek and modern lines? You must figure out all these aspects before going ahead with the renovation.

Once you have a clear idea about the look and feel you want to lend your space, begin planning the alteration. Remember, the word Ďplaní plays an important role here since it is going to be a time taking process. Since changing the floor plan is not a DIY project that can be covered over the weekend, you might require professional help to execute the plan with perfection. You can contact an architect to lay down a perfect floor plan and a contractor to renovate it using drywall.

To your rescue, here are some tips that will help you plan the perfect renovation.
Transform One Room into Two

If your home has fewer but larger rooms, the best approach is to make two bedrooms out of one. Kids will have their own private space, and you will never again have to wake up to solve those late-night fights. Now, when it comes to converting one room into two Ė there are two approaches. The first one is to build traditional brick walls while the other is drywall partition. One of the most significant benefits of drywall over brick construction is that it is 6-8 times faster. So, if you donít have a lot of time in hand, go the drywall route.
Build a Patio or a Deck

Winter is approaching, and those chilly evenings are calling for a renovation that can make them even more enjoyable. If you are someone who likes dining al fresco, nothing better than building a deck to host romantic dinners and date nights. The moisture and weather resistant property of drywalls makes them perfect for outdoors. While keeping the maintenance factor away, drywalls make the space look aesthetically pleasing and as good as new for years.
Add an Entertainment Room

Homes usually donít have any extra room that can be transformed into a man cave or an entertainment room. Make the most of this modification project and give your home a game room that you always wanted. When designing a game room, soundproofing becomes vital as you donít want to disturb the rest of the family members. Brands like SCG Smart Build offer drywalls with sound acoustic system that prevents sound migration from one room to another.
Expose a Wall

Want to give your house an instant look upgrade? Simple, expose a wall by installing a ceiling to floor toughened glass. If you take our opinion, choose a living room wall for this project. An exposed wall will not only take the look of your space up to several notches but will also allow sunlight to enter the house. Natural lighting is the best way to give your space a makeover. br /> Use the ideas mentioned above to modify your existing floor plan in a way that the interior of your house speaks volumes about your taste. Be sure of relying on robust and long-lasting construction materials like drywall and fiber cement board to eliminate the hassles of maintenance.

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