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The Pioneers In The CoWorking Ecosystem

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India has seen a major shift in the style of working in last 5 years or so. More and more people are getting into self-employment and small startups. With this new working style which is generally done on a very tight budget, Coworking has seen a rise. In fact, it has become a new business idea in itself. So what exactly is it and how does it work?

Understanding CoWorking

Coworking is a concept of work that involves a shared work space. These places, set up like an office, are shared by different and often non-related working individuals, or small startups. These individuals, though working independently often interact with each other as critiques or to share ideas, networking and of course shared meeting rooms and cafeterias.

Brad Neuberg is often credited with starting the coworking movement in San Francisco in 2005. The initial idea was to combine the independence of freelancing with the structure and community of an office space.

Coworking Ecosystem is gaining popularity due to a number of reasons. The main benefits being:
• Space crunch
• Cost-effectiveness
• Great chances of networking and meeting like-minded people
• Flexibility
• No fixed investment

The Rockstars of the CoWorking Ecosystem

The CoWorking Ecosystem is still in a nascent stage in India. Still, several major players are making their mark. Most of them are based out of the six metro and major cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore, NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. Here are the pioneers in this field:

Awfis – Awfis Space Solutions has 14 centers across the NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. With Awfis, you can get real-time bookings for one hour to 11 months. They also have tie-ups with many hotels for meeting rooms. They are now running a pilot project called Mobile Awfis featuring 8 fully-equipped workstations aboard a minivan.

91Springboard -- 91Springboard has its presence in 9 cities across India.They have a community approach with the aim to transform coworking into a collaborative venture.

TheOfficePass – A part of TOP Technologies Pvt. Ltd., using its technology platform it connects companies and professionals – especially women - to warm friendly, ready to use and high quality neighbourhood coworking offices in Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR. It has established itself in the neighbourhood coworking space which caters to people looking for a high quality working space near their residence. At present it has 4 centers in Delhi/NCR and it is adding new centers real quick.

InstaOffice – InstaOffice has 7 centers and is based out of Delhi and Bengaluru. A Coworking space which works as a platform for small startups, SMEs, freelancers and professional consultants to come together and form a collaborative community. They also have a mentor board to help startups grow and face their challenges.

BHIVE Workspace – BHIVE Workspace works out of Bengaluru at 4 centers. It boasts of over 200 companies who form a part of their community. Open for freelancers and entrepreneurs it has hosted over 500 events featuring the best in the industry to boost and benefit their community.

Stirring Minds – Leading the NCR region, Stirring Minds has seen 200+ startups and hosted even more events. A core team of mentors screens and helps to incubate new ventures.

CoWrks India – Working out of 5 cities in India, CoWrks houses creative individuals, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. Apart from providing one of the largest coworking spaces, they also offer free and discounted services, host networking events and work on introducing innovative ideas.

Many others like WeWork, WhyWorks, Social Cafι and more are changing India’s concept of an office.

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