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10 Best Dating Places in Mumbai

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The city on the seven islands is one of the oldest in India. You will find many interesting places here, including those with free access. Millions of people come here to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient and mysterious Bombay. This city has incredible magnetism - on the streets of Mumbai hundreds of languages and dialects are heard, you will see national dresses of almost all countries of the world and you will have a unique opportunity to communicate with speakers of different cultures.

Agree, this place is ideal for new acquaintances and romantic dates. However, at the first visits to Mumbai, it will be difficult for you to choose the right place for this. Not because there is nothing to do in Mumbai, but because of the abundance of interesting places. In this case, we have compiled a guide that will help you deal with the city and organize an ideal date.

Hotel Sofitel Mumbai BKC, Bombay

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This hotel is characterized by a spectacular design and a variety of services. Lovers of privacy will love stylish rooms with a bright design, at any time guests can leave their comfortable room and go to the roof of the hotel. There is a beautiful recreation area with a large swimming pool, panoramic terraces, and live plants. The hotel has a stylish club, which is decorated with artistic illumination, and lovers of relaxation in a more refined setting, will like the restaurant with outstanding cuisine.

Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, Bombay

At a distance from busy city streets is located the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach hotel, it is in demand among couples of various ages. Part of the double rooms are decorated in an elegant style with a predominance of light colors, they have beautiful parquet floors and dark wood furniture. Young couples will more like the original rooms, which were equipped with a bathroom with glass partitions. It is a good place to spend a honeymoon or just a few romantic days and nights.

Chhatrapati Shivaji

Any acquaintance with the city begins with the station. Do not frown and remember the native interiors because in Mumbai everything is different. The famous Chhatrapati Shivaji station is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is very popular with tourists. Designed by a British architect, 10 years ago it was named in honor of the grandmother of Europe - Victoria Terminus. But the locals, who all strive to forget about the glorious English past, renamed it in honor of the national hero.

Near the station, you can always meet a lot of people who are not averse to get acquainted. In addition, if you want to impress your girl's imagination, be sure to show her this place.

Chor Bazaar

The name of the picturesque ruins of Chor Bazaar is translated as "The market of thieves": earlier here stolen goods were sold. Expect to spend at least two or three hours at the bazaar. Chor is a paradise for decorators: even the most eminent of them personally walk with customers on antique rows, choosing antique Tiffany lamps from colored glass, Victorian beds with canopies on carved posts and tarnished candelabra straight from the palace of the Maharaja. Be sure to visit this place with your second half!

Maratha Mandir

Unattractive in appearance Maratha Mandir was awarded its own honorary page in Wikipedia. And all because already since 1995 the movie "The Unserved Bride" is being staged here. The success of this romantic comedy in India can be compared with the success of "Beauty" in America.


There are two Olive Bar & Kitchen with excellent Mediterranean cuisine in Mumbai - in the equestrian club Amateur Riders' and in the Bandra area. In the first, besides bread, spectacles are also given: behind the glass you can see handsome and mighty runners. The second one is more secular. Invite your loved one to each of them and you will have great memories.

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower

The most famous hotel in India is the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower for over a hundred years. Like Claridge's in London and The Plaza in New York, it's a real city attraction. Among famous guests of "Taj," there were members of the royal British family, Michelle Obama, and actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


The romantic embankment of Bandstand of the Arabian Sea is the best place for long walks at sunset. Surf is strewn with boulders - they "cut" the wave, forming a lot of tiny lakes.

City Park

Round garden Horniman is one of the most relaxing but at the same time lively places in the city. It opened in 1860 and immediately became popular because every evening at sunset here played live music. Nowadays a festival of mystical music is held in the garden.

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