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Of risk planning, Nagas, texting and nagins (IANS Books)

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Know how adequate risk planning is the key in ensuring the future of the family; go through a collection of 19 short stories that breathe new life into the inner make-up of the people of northeast India, the Tangkhul Nagas in particular. Read of a tale based on the premise that "text is the new talk" -- and what happens to a virtual relationship when two who have been exchanging texts finally meet in the real world. Finally, flick through a book on women who are fierce and spit poison when provoked.

These are the books on the IANS bookshelf for readers this weekend.

1. Book: Love Beyond Death; Author: C.S. Sudheer; Publisher: Suvision Holdings; Price: Rs 150; Pages: 140
We can safely claim that India as a culture is "risk averse". This nature has been ingrained in our ethos since time immemorial. As an extension of this characteristic, we as a society and even as a family, tend not to even mention various risks to our loved ones arising out of the uncertainties of life.

Developments in science and technology have eliminated myriad risks that our forefathers faced but have brought in new challenges as well as risks. As a society, we are fast adopting contemporary innovations in the field of science and technology.

At the same time, we lag big time when it comes to adopting various innovations meant for the financial well-being of ourselves and our families. Providing financial security to the family, which is the fundamental molecule of a nation, is the first step in nation-building. Adequate risk-planning is the key in ensuring the future of the family.

There have been multiple efforts to convey this message; however, this work stands out -- conveying this simple and most important fact in an out-of-the box story-telling format.

2. Book: Homecoming and other stories; Author: Jim Wungramyao; Publisher: Promila; Price: Rs 350; Pages: 276
This is a collection of 19 short stories that breathe new life into the inner make-up of the people of northeast India, the Tangkhul Nagas in particular. The stories are bound together by a strong sense of attachment to the mountains, of a oneness with them.

The Nagas have lived on the mountains for centuries. From the advent of Christianity in the latter part of the 19th century to the present times, the stories cover a span of 100 years and more.

The arrival of the Japanese in a small village during the Second World War, a woman battling amnesia, a truck driver coping with loneliness, a man crossing over into Burma (now Myanmar), children visiting their mother for the last time as she lies on her death bed. These are stories of ordinary people and their lives, stories often left untold, stories swept away in the cross-currents of political upheavals.

3. Book: Great Textpectations; Author: Ruchi Vadehra; Publisher: Rupa; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 228
Amaya Kapoor is a Delhi-based intellectually inclined 35-year-old single, financially independent and sexually liberated woman, who wants to open a "boutique bookstore" and live life on her own terms -- single and content.

What happens next? She comes across Rohan while playing "Scrabble" online, and they soon get chatting, enjoying each other's company without the usual baggage that face-to-face interactions bring.

Using the premise "text is the new talk", the book highlights fun text conversations between them, that are instrumental in connecting their worlds. Amaya and Rohan become an integral part of each other's lives even before they realise it -- and decide to meet. What happens to the virtual relationship when they meet in the real world?

4. Book: Nagin; Author: Mayur Didolkar; Publisher: Juggernaut; Price: Rs 299; Pages: 277
Loving wife, obedient daughter, loyal friend. But if you provoke her, she will raise her hood and spit poison.

A woman is stalked by a man she had once rejected. A housewife discovers a plot to kill her husband. A blond young girl is chased by an underworld gang.

But these are no ordinary women. Some of them aren't even women. You have been warned.

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