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Nelliyampathy - Kerala holiday packages

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Located 150 Km from Cochin international Airport and 102 Km from Coimbatore Airport, Nenmara in Palakkad district, showcasing the cloud-caressed peaks of the magnificent Nelliyampathy Hill ranges is a sight to behold. The height of the hill ranges from approximately 465 m to 1570 m, and has an extremely calming effect on all who view it.

To reach Nelliyampathy, one has to take the road starting from Nenmara that proceeds to the Pothundy Dam. There are about 10 hairpin bends that have to be negotiated on the way to Nelliyampathy.

The Pothundy Dam is an excellent locale with facilities for boating and is a nice option as a picnic place. As the road winds its way up to Nelliyampathy, at certain places there are viewpoints from where the vast stretches of Palakkad district is visible with its extensive paddy fields forming a verdant carpet.

Ginger farm is another view from Nelliyampathy. It also offers a splendid view of the Palakkad Gap, which is a geographical phenomenon in the Western Ghats formation in this region, bringing into view, parts of the adjoining State of Tamil Nadu. Nalliyampathy is an ideal Place for a one day tour or a weekend trip for college students and families.

Privately owned hotels and resorts are located at various points, as one goes up the hills of Nelliyampathy. The bio-farms located here are a major landmark as one proceeds up before reaching the topmost point at Palagapandy Estate. The estate has a quaint bungalow, built during the British rule in India, and has now been converted into a private owned resort. Nelliyampathy is very much ideal place for trekking .

Not far away from Palagapandy is Seetharkundu where one can have a fantastic view of the valley and a 110 m high waterfall providing an added attraction.

From Palagapandy, one can trek or go by car to reach Mampara; another breathtaking vantage point at Nelliyampathy.

The area in and around Palagapandy Estate has tea, cardamom and coffee plantations with adjoining hills allowing one to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in the form of Indian Gaur, elephants, leopards, Giant Squirrel etc. and is also a paradise for birdwatchers.

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