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Introduction to Making a Personal Website

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A personal website is for fun, for family, or friends. It can be a way to show off hobbies, or be made as a hobby and then maintained and cultivated. Websites can be built from scratch or through a webhost. With all the options available, it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. However, building a website doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Building a Personal Website Doesn’t Mean Paying an Arm and a Leg
There are many web hosting companies who offer free hosting for people who don’t need much storage and don’t mind the advertisements on their web pages. Usually the web storage limit is 20MB and included in that storage is the text content, pictures and other content that can be uploaded. Some webhost providers also offer video storage, allowing a person to store an average of 30 minutes of footage.
Also included in free packages is the site builder or website Editor tool that will guide the user through the set-up process as well as designing the website using a pre-designed template. Simply enter the information in the appropriate areas (there will usually be a label for the designated areas or a ‘hint’ about what to put in a certain spot), select a template and/or theme and hit the ‘publish’ button. This virtually painless process can take fewer than 10 minutes to go through.
Then there are packages that range in price as well as services offered. The extra services are great if the website is meant to be a business or a site that offers log-ins and interactive features for the site users. Included in the paid for packages are more storage space, greater bandwidth, no advertisements (depending on the package) and better customer support, amongst other features.
Building a Website Doesn’t Require Being a Technical Genius
Some people can be intimidated when it comes to web design, believing that it may be too hard or too much work, and that they couldn’t possibly learn how to do it. Developing a nicely done website doesn’t have to be hard.
Most webhosts offer step-by-step walkthroughs, prompting the user to select a template and fill in information. Others might offer a quick ‘mini-site’ builder that will build one page, and more can be added on if desired.
Adding photos is also relatively easy as most webhosts have a way for users to upload (much like Facebook) their photos and store them on the website.
For anyone who is easily lost when it comes to anything concerning but the most basic of functions, there are plenty of forums and helpful blogs associated with webhosts to make building a website an easy and fun experience.
Building a personal website can help a person learn basic skills as well as cultivate a new hobby. After mastering the basics, some people go on to design more intricate websites for both personal and professional use. Those who are interested in building a site should browse the various hosts, compare the service plans (fees, what’s included, etc) and after getting started; have fun!

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