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Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Templates

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Website templates are pre-made graphical layouts and color schemes. Instead of hiring a website designer for a domain layout, templates are created and categorized by industry. Some template websites provide hundreds of downloadable layouts for a webmaster. These templates can be purchased at a nominal cost and implemented on a website. It is equally good when you are looking to start a blog too.

Website Template Pros

A good, reputable web designer charges a few hundred dollars for a layout. Website templates can cost less than $100, and they can suit your business and get started with the programming more quickly. Some online businesses provide free website templates. These templates are usually less extensive, but they are good options for people who are just starting out with a brand new domain.

Website templates are also beneficial for people with little designer experience. Many webmasters are great coders, but they do not have the creative eye of a good web designer. Website templates allow programmers to fully develop a domain without the cost and overhead of a design. Websites that host templates also have hundreds of options, which are categorized by industry, color scheme, and programming language.

The following is a summary of the benefits of a website template:

-More affordable
-Easily obtained
-Several templates to choose from
-Obtain a quick layout and color scheme

Free Templates Cons

Many new website developers with little money to start a site choose a free website template. The problem with this choice is that others can use the template for their website as well. This leaves the website open for criticism from readers who detect the duplicate layout.

If the website is e-commerce or a professional site, a free website template degrades the professional look for the site. Internet users have become more aware of unprofessional sites, and some are hesitant to purchase from a website that does not look professional. This can lead to lost sales, which can be higher than the few hundreds of dollars a good web designer costs.

The following is a list of cons that should be considered before purchasing a website template or downloading a free layout:

-Not original - other webmasters can use the same template
- are not very professional
-Some templates may have coding errors

These pros and cons should be considered before deciding on a website template for a domain. A simple blog or content site can benefit from a template and free web host service. However, professional sites selling services or products should maintain an original layout to avoid copying another site's template and maintain a professional look. This is better for readers and customers who are looking for the best company with quality service.

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