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Trade stocks with Olymp Trade and make money

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How to trade stocks?

Trading is a way to make money out of the stocks of the worldís top companies. There are two approaches to it, and to choose between them one needs to answer two questions. First: what sum are you ready to invest into trading without damaging your current lifestyle? Because trading with your last money will lead you to a huge stress and more mistakes, as a result. And the second question: how fast you want this amount to grow?

If youíve got quite a bit of money that you are ready to invest, and you donít mind waiting for your first profit for six months or more, you can try a long-term trading strategy. In case you donít have that much money, but youíd like to earn more as soon as possible, you might prefer trading options.

It is an ideal choice, if you only have a minimum investment. Besides, at the start only some basic learning and access to economic news will be enough. So, letís look into how exactly trading stocks via options is done.

The basics of trading options online

Trading options involves three parties: the trader (itís you), the broker and the exchange, where the stocks of all major companies are traded. To buy stocks directly in the exchange, you will need a lot of money and nerves of steel to go through all the legal paperwork turmoil.

But there are companies offering online investment platforms, that allow traders to make money out of price movements without having to buy the asset (stock is a type of asset, just like commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and market indices). In fact, you donít buy any actual stocks, you buy options - a financial instrument, specifying one of the 2 possible directions of the price trend. There are plenty of such platforms out there and, for the sake of a good illustration, we will choose Olymp Trade to explain how online option trading works.

Olymp Trade and stocks, how are the two connected?

Olymp Trade provides access to trading stocks of more than ten major world companies. The mechanism is quite simple. On the official website you can find a trading platform that displays price movement charts for stocks of various companies. When you open a trade, you need to decide whether the price of this stock will go up or down within a set period of time (from one minute and more, you can choose the time frame). If your forecast is right, you will get up to 80% of the trade value.

Letís look at an example. Say, you opened a $100 trade at 23:07 on December, 19 2017. The price was $330 per share. You think that in thirteen minutes the price will go up. If you are correct and the share price exceeds $330 in thirteen minutes, when the trade closes, you will get $80 (80% of the trade value). This is what actually happened in our scenario, the shares went up to $332 a piece. By the way, this a real-life example of trading Tesla Motors stocks.

How to start trading - step by step

Ultimately, the guide for a beginner trader comes down to three simple steps:

One: Decide on the amount of investment you are ready to begin with.
Two: Choose a reliable and trustworthy investment platform.
Three. Take a free training course before you start trading with real money. Make sure that your strategy is profitable.

Why we recommend Olymp Trade ?

If you are new to trading, we recommend you start your journey with Olymp Trade. Looking at steps two and three in the previous section, we shall highlight the advantages of this platform:

The company has been around since 2014 and already has quite a few prestigious industry awards - by Le Fonti, KROUFR, Show FX World prize and others. This demonstrates worldwide recognition of the quality of Olymp Trade services.

You can start trading with only $10 and the minimum trade value is $1. This probably wonít be enough to get good profit but itís just right for the beginner to learn and practice.

If you donít feel like you are ready to start trading with real money, you can get a free demo account. There you will be able to test the platform features without the fear of losing anything.

Olymp Trade is regulated by the International Financial Commission. It means that your money is insured and in the case of any disputes, the regulator will pay the compensation of $20 000.

The multilingual support team reply really quickly and to the point, whenever you need help.

The company processes your withdrawal requests within 24 hours after the order. You wonít have to wait for the money youíve made. You can deposit and withdraw your earnings using the most popular payment systems, like Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, etc.

Olymp Trade provides access to a great number of educational materials. Starting from the basic trading courses, to more advanced tools. For example, the second screen will allow you to learn trading analysis step-by-step directly on the platform.

Apart from stocks, you will be able to trade any other asset you like (metals, currency pairs, indices), and even cryptocurrencies - so very popular and much talked-of nowadays.

Weíve listed only eight advantages here, but there are more. The important thing is that this platform will suit the needs of both newbies and more experienced traders. You can check it yourself and talk to the traders on the official FaceBook page to learn about their experience.

Check out the Olymp Trade website for useful materials and info and get started with trading!

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