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JOURNEY TO GLORY: Mr Sandeep Vermani, Founder and Director of Alpha Tours and Chef & Butler

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They say, “If you want to achieve something extra-ordinary then, you need to do something that’s never been done before.”

A lot of us have heard about various success stories, took inspiration, felt enthusiastic for a while and go back to our routine again. But sometimes we feel a connection with a story that it makes us think, if such simple lives could take the courage to take such big dreams to completion, so could we. And then we start taking small steps on to the ladder to success, one by one.

Here are excerpts from conversation with Mr. Sandeep Vermani, Founder and Director of Alpha Tours and Chef & Butler, who took his passion forward in the arena of hospitality and travelling and is now among the leading businessmen in India.

1. Mr. Vermani, having achieved this success whom do you think was your biggest driving force?

A- Iam an Engineering graduate but always had the zest to travel, at the back of my mind. Also, passion for food inspired every aspect of consulting & designing practice. At the same time I am a strong believer in nature. I take lot of inspiration from nature.

2. When was it that you decided to take on your passion as a profession, and how was the initial journey like?

A- Well, it was around 1998 when I decided to turn my passion into profession. But before starting my own firm, I worked in a private engineering company and soon set myself free from the usual, to stand out from the crowd. Then onwards I started doing something different that led to setting up camps, specializing in the concept of family camping in the year 2000.

3. It's been over two decades now for Alpha Tours and Chef & Butler. What do you think is still keeping it as refreshing and competitive as it was initially?

A- Alpha Tours and Chef & Butler have made a name for themselves in the hospitality and travelling platform. It is a brand signifying quality and reliability for people who wish to travel in full freedom, but at the same time have our constant assistance. You too would agree that around 2000, this concept was slowly picked up by the rest of India.

4. Tell us something about yourself as a professional. New young entrepreneurs must have something to learn from you. Share with us some key points.

A- The professional traits that define any entrepreneur, including me, are strategic thinking and consistency. I continuously evaluate and redefine goals and stays intact until the result exceeds expectations. The greatest strength lies in the person's love for whatever he's doing. You should not just work, instead you should love your work.

5. Apart from business development life, what would you like to share with our readers?

A- I'm an avid traveler, have garnered immense knowledge, because of which, we were able to come up with exciting destinations, plan exclusive itineraries, have the most comfortable and luxurious hotels on board, with special attention on satisfying all requirements of our clients.

6. A piece of advice for the young entrepreneurs.

A- I admire enthusiasts and see the passion in their eyes. Many of whom I've met are new in this line, and take everything as a challenge. I'd like to tell them if you aspire to be at the top and make hard work your action plan, then every step is worthy, giving you its bit of experience and success. I would suggest every human being to understand the beauty of nature. Nature has answers to every problem….I strongly believe.

This was our conversation with Mr. Sandeep Vermani. Every time we meet new inspirational souls, we try our best to extract information from their experiences that could guide our readers in someway or the other. And for the travel enthusiats you can select from a host of choices - be it pure relaxation holidays, cultural tours, weekend getaways, packages combining leisure and adventure, adrenaline pumping adventures – Alpha Tours and Chef & Butler has it all.

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