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College Life - Expectations Vs Reality

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Ready to step in into a world of professionalism? Congratulations on the new journey! We understand that this feeling is full of happiness, nervousness, thrill and excitement. Just like every college-student, you must have jotted down some of your expectations from the college life. And thanks to Bollywood movies, these expectations are certainly way above the reality clouds.

So, to not have you left exasperatedly disappointed with the reality, we have churned out some of the situations that happen in college life to break the myths with an expectation versus reality checklist. Read the list and pop that dreamy bubble for now.

The First Day in College

Expectations: You enter the college looking like a superstar, and everybody becomes your friend. Cheering loudly when you show your dancing skills on an upbeat song! And guess what? Guys and girls are drooling over your charismatic style and trendy looks! Definitely sounds fantastic.

Reality: You enter the college, all messed up after a hectic traffic jam. New faces make you nervous, and you feel like a child lost in a fair. There are so many rooms, and you have to find the room where your orientation is supposed to take place. New students like you will either be hesitant to talk to you or try to condescend you with their style and looks.


Expectations: Every day is a party day! Hanging out with your friends, checking out the coolest bars in the town and dancing all night with young guys and girls. Not just this, late night drives and car races are not to be missed!

Reality: Even if you stay in a hostel, going out every night for the party is not possible friends. And once you are in the college, instead of burning your calories with dancing, you will be burning the midnight oil to finish the never-ending assignments. Moreover, if you are someone who has completed graduation and is going in any of the MBA colleges thinking that post-graduation is all about the fun, then you will get the sour fruit too when your nighttime goes to the presentations!


Expectations: Bunking sounds cool, and you will be champ at it! So, skipping class to chill with your friends won’t matter a lot. And even if you go to class, who studies in college?

Reality: Skip a class and be ready to skip something very important. And you may not know, but low attendance is certainly not what you would want at the end of your semester. Moreover, teachers teach a lot, and you will have to learn a lot too.


Expectations: You are in college and old enough to start dating. Going on romantic dates, spending time with your loved one and dancing cosily in parties– a perfect dating experience!

Reality: Sorry but that romantic dream of yours may not find its feat at all, and even if you do start dating, it is not going to be like the ones they show in movies. No background violin playing and people trying to patch you up together. And if you are in one of the MBA colleges such as BML Munjal University, you would rather be focused on your career ahead.

College Fest

Expectations: The most “awesome” time of the year, college fest will be when you have lots of fun, clicking beautiful selfies, watching great performances and going happy-gaily all day!

Reality: It will be awesome, no doubt, but there will be other “un-awesome” things too. Crowded area, confusion, late performances and police involvement– you will have to cope with these too. Also, if you are not in a famous college, then wishing for celebrities is a mistake friend.

What To Expect Then?

Sad and disappointed? Don’t be friends! Your college life is not just about party, dating or college fests, it is about learning, making life-long friends and having fun in tricky situations. So, choose a college that offers you these and prepares you for the corporate world. All the best!

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