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Destinations that were a hit with photographers in 2017

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Are you a travel and photography fan? If yes, then you must visit the picturesque and exotic locations suggested by India's largest travel-and-photography company Toehold.

As per the company's latest survey, photographers have identified some of the best destinations for photography-related travel in 2017.

Here are the top destinations for photographers in 2017:

Bandhavgarh National Park, MP

Rich in floral diversity and boasting one of the highest concentrations of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the destination is a must for those looking to capture pictures of the majestic beast in a lush backdrop. Visit the Bandhavgarh fort set on a cliff and then head towards the national park. Pug marks and distant growls will greet you as this is home to a large tiger population. Tata zone 1 would be your best bet to spot these cats and marvel at them. A stay entwined with nature combined with a visit to the hills and the fort and a safari with a wildlife expert and enthusiast is in the offing. Read more

Costa Rica

This tropical paradise offers an unmatched range of wildlife and photographic opportunities, in addition to offering creative freedom in taking pictures of effervescently beautiful avian life such as hummingbirds.


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  An evergreen destination for all times of the year, this wildlife sanctuary offers a convenient location and the exciting prospect of sighting unique animals such as melanistic leopards, popularly known as black panthers.

East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania)

The Serengeti landscape is one of the world's most popular travel and photography destinations, and its endless wildlife-watching and photo opportunities with the world's most impressive species in their natural habitat - the Big Five - made it incredibly popular in 2017 and a must-do destination for 2018.


Considered Russia's most scenically and geologically dramatic region, this vast volcanic peninsula offers extraordinary primal beauty in its secluded and tranquil wilderness. It promises the prospect of photographing brown bears on foot and the opportunity to spot whales out at sea.

Corbett , uttarakhand

Named after legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett who put Kumaon on the conservation and literary map, Jim Corbett National Park offers a wonderful ecotourism experience alongside the prospect of catching a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tiger and herds of Indian elephants.  Read more


Considered one of the best places in India to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat, 2017 was a great year at Ranthambore to spot the big cat, particularly with cubs. Read more about Ranthambore

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