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Oyster Opera | The Theme Village

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Oyster Opera at Padanna in the district of Kasaragod, Kerala, tempts visitors with hideouts totally cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city and a range of gourmet delicacies.

All facilities are built with the locally available materials ensuring absolutely no damage to the rich habitation of this virgin land. The brackish water of Padanna and its surrounding villages are splendid and gifted with enormous natural beauty.

The retreat is surrounded by a number of tiny palm-fringed islands with plantations of coconut and wild mangroves, with an undeveloped beach and an estuary. Five rivers empty out into the sea here and there is a lot to explore here at the Theme village, as one is free to move in and out at will.

Inaugurated in the year of 2007 “Oyster Opera” was the brainchild of Mr. G.S Gul who was honored the

national award by the Government of India for his efforts for uplifting the poor coastal folk by applying innovative ideas. He is the first Indian who farmed mussels on coir and parted this technology to the poor locals.

This remarkable enterprise of G.S Gul with oyster as his theme also identified the tourism potential of the region and helped in uplifting the socio-economic standards of the village folk. He has transformed this place to give the villagers an opportunity to break out from the shackles of unemployment and at the same time contributing this theme to the world of tourism.

The resort is also blessed with some historical places nearby like Bekal Fort and Parassinikadavu Temple, Ayurvedic treatments, Coracle boat ride, Indoor and outdoor games, house boat and fun fishing gears were added to make this place a complete holiday getaway.

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