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Sree Chakrapani Temple | The Sanctum Of Divinity

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Trikarpur is a village in the northern part of the state of Kerala, south of Kasaragod district. Sree Chakrapani Temple is located at a distance of 2 kms from the Thrikaripur railway station at a place called Elambachi.

It is believed that this temple was built by Lord Parasurama during his temple building journeys across Kerala.

Photo Courtesy: Sree Chakrapani Temple

The idol inside the sanctum sanctorum is said to have been age old which was solemnised and consecreted by

Lord Parasurama.

The temple situates in a vast scenic and serene area.

Photo Courtesy: Sree Chakrapani Temple

On the south west corner there is Ganapathy temple surrounded by trees and medicinal shrubs. It is said that the famous "Gajendra Moksha" which is stated in "Shri Maha Bhagavatham" happened here at Trikarpur, in front of the Sree Chakrapani Temple.

Photo Courtesy: Sree Chakrapani Temple

The main festivals connected with this temple here are conducted annually during the month of April.

The temple surroundings are salubrious and is filled with an aura of sanctity and serenity.

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