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Pookot Lake | Paddle In Serenity

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Around 13kms from Kalpetta, lies the Pookot Lake, nestling in the laps of the mountains surrounding it. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the whole of Wayanad.

The Pookot Lake is a fresh water lake, surrounded by evergreen forests and rolling hills. The weather here is

salacious; the scenic beauty, hypnotizing and the nature, unspoiled. The lake is spread over an area of about 8.5 hectares and the maximum water depth reaches approximately 6.5mtrs, during heavy monsoon seasons.

The lake surrounded by tall trees and dense forests that line along the pathway around the lake… provides a rich visual treat for one’s eyes. Boating here is a memorable experience. Tourists can avail boating facilities, to enjoy the serene waters of this enchanting lake.

A children’s park and a shopping center for handicrafts and spices are few of the other attractions of this region, providing recreational facilities to the tourists.

A freshwater aquarium with a large variety of fish and a green house in the nearby vicinity are added attractions.

The best time to pay a visit to Pookot Lake would be after August till May, when the monsoons in Kerala come to a halt and the entire land is green all over the place. The monsoons also replenish the lake by this time of the year. After the summer months… towards the end of May, the monsoon cycles start again and it is advisable not to visit the lake during the monsoon seasons.

Vythiri town, famous for the Vythiri honeymoon resorts lies in the Southern direction and is in close proximity to the lake. It is at a distance of about 3 kms form the Pookot Lake.

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