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Exploring Ranipuram : The Hill Station Of Bewitching Beauty

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Located 85 kilometers from Kasargod town, Ranipuram is a hill station with bewitching beauty. Ranipuram, which was formerly known as Madathumala, was purchased by the Catholic Diocese of Kottayam for the purpose of settlement and hence it was named Rani by the settelers in memory of Virgin Mary.

The sprawling thick wooded forest of Madathumala merge with the forests of Karnataka, forming the Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary. Ranipuram is famous for its trekking trails and varied vegetation - evergreen shola woods, monsoon forests and grasslands. The proposed Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary may protect and maintain overall biodiversity of the area in a better way.

Walking through the dense forest is one of the most interesting experiences one may go through ..tall

trees,chirping of birds, stoned pathways are just magnificant. The forests also give shelter to a variety of animals and birds some of which belong to the list endagered species.

To reach the highest point on Ranipuram, called ‘mani’ one has to travel through the forest trail for an hour. The rich flora and fauna around the forest add to the power of the spot.

After an hours walk one can reach at the hilltop, which has a resemblence to ooty. The view of the rich landscape and acres of green grassland valley below from the spot is breath taking, and is enough to evoke one’s emotions.

An unexplored territory for trekkers, nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, Ranipuram holds immense potential for ecotourism and could develop into a premier hill station in Kerala with the judicious development of amenities.

Ranipuram can be reached via Kanhangad and Panathady. You can hire jeeps from Panathady which is 10kms away.

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