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Marari Beach | Alleppey

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Marari Beach is a pristine bliss hidden away from the stress of the strenuous city life…

This beach is located in a quaint fishermen village in Kerala, Mararikulam, one of the serene and secluded villages in Aleppey. Marari gets its name from this 100-year-old fishing village.

The unspoiled beauty of Marari Beach, lined with swaying coconut palms makes us spell bound that we would never want to leave.

We could sit on this sandy beach for hours… relax and unwind ourselves completely.

Swimming helps us to enjoy the tranquility of the beach. We could watch fishermen coming in from the sea and the day’s catch would be the centrepiece for our meal.

The toddy ­tappers at work, Hand ­made cloth weaving using the traditional 'Charka', the process of coir making, are unique sights here. Boating through the small rivulets amidst greenery is an amazing experience. Cycling is the other attraction in Mararikulam, which gives a glimpse of life in the village.

The clock ticks half as fast here compared to the rest of the world… Truly, Marari is a paradise for beach lovers.

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