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4 Party Perfect New Year’s Eve Drinks

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It is not too far that everybody will celebrate the New Year eve. Nothing is better than having a reunion with your friends and loved one on this occasion. People often look for the ways that can make their time memorable. They try new recipes, new themes or costumes and even new places to exploit the more of it. On this occasion of new eve, to make your celebration more marvellous we are going to recommend you to try 5 parties perfect New Year's Eve drinks. Here we go.

Raspberry and St-Germain Cocktail

This simple cocktail is a better way to make an instant party drink and it enables you to add a luxurious texture in your celebrations. Method to make this cocktail is as below.


1 cup vodka
˝ cup raspberry juice
˝ cup St-Germain
2 cups soda


Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake it well. Pour the liquid into glasses and add some ice cubes. Your raspberry and St-Germain Cocktail is ready to serve. This standard recipe is enough for 5-6


Champagne Cocktail with Sweet Wine

Instant cocktail to make your time cheerful. The combination of champagne with wine give it a unique taste and you will find yourself in out of the world. Method is given below.


2 bottles of Champagne
700 ml of Sweet Vine (of your choice)
2 cup Orange Juice
˝ cup Syrup

Orange Slices for Garnish


Combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl and mix them gently. This drink really required to be severed more chilled. The taste of champagne cocktail will be more cheerful when chilled. For this purpose must add large ice cubes in the punch bowl. If you do not have large ice cube then you have to give rest your drink in a bottle fridge before serving it. Garnish the glasses with orange slices, fill them with the cocktail and your drink is ready.

Cherry and Lemonade Cocktail

Enhance your celebration with this sour cocktail and enhance the thrilling of New Year's Eve. The recipe of cherry and lemonade cocktail is given below.


˝ cup cherry vodka
˝ cup lemonade juice
˝ cup syrup

Quarter cup of cherry juice


In a cocktail shaker, combine the cherry vodka, lemonade juice and syrup together. Shake it until the ingredients mixed up thoroughly. Then add the cherry juice for more flavor and shake it more. Your cherry lemonade cocktail is ready to serve.

Cranberry with pomegranate cocktail

Serve an antioxidant cocktail drink to your guests with the marvellous taste of refreshing pomegranate. The recipe of cranberry with pomegranate cocktail is given below.


500 ml Cranberry juice
500 ml pomegranate juice
1 bottle of Rum
Mint flakes for additional texture


Combine and mix well the cranberry juice with pomegranate juice in a large punch bowl. Add a bottle of rum into the mixture of justices and shake thoroughly. At the end add flakes of mint into the cocktail to give an amazing texture to it. Chill the cocktail and serve it.

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