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Basics of Computer Networking Questions with Answers

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1. You are examining a DNS forward lookup zone to investigate problems with name resolution. What type of resource record enables DNS to resolve a host name to an IPv6 address?


Exp. An AAAA (quad-A) resource record resolves a host name to an IPv6 address

2. Which of the following methods can you use to display the properties of a LAN connection?

Ans. In the Network And Sharing Center, click Change Adapter Settings. Right-click the LAN connection and choose Status. In the Local Area Connection Status dialog box, click Properties.

Exp. This procedure accesses the Local Area Connections Properties dialog box. This is an alternative method of accessing the Local Area Connections Properties dialog box. Double-clicking the LAN connection opens the Local Area Connection Status dialog box. Clicking Properties accesses the Local Area Connections Properties dialog box.

3. What should be done if the system detects a resource conflict on a PC?

Ans. Manually assign resources to the conflicting components

Exp. If for some reason the system assigns duplicate resources, such as an IRQ, to two different PC

components, it is possible to manually set which resources one of the components will use. Traditionally, all resources were manually set; however, Plug and Play, which is not a service, has changed that

4. What is the function of a loopback plug?

Ans. It tests the functionality of a NIC.

Exp. Loopback plugs take the signal going out on the transmit path and connect it back to the receive path. This allows you to test certain legacy ports as well as Ethernet NICs to make certain they are working correctly

5. A piconet is limited to how many devices?

Ans. Eight

Exp. A piconet (Bluetooth network) can have eight devices on it. One device can communicate with seven other devices on the same network.

6. Which of the communication methods is point-to-point, limited to a distance of about one meter?

Ans. Infrared

Exp. Infrared communications are point-to-point only and are limited to about one meter. Bluetooth can work up to 100 meters, depending on the version. Wireless Ethernet network signals can travel for several hundred meters, and cellular communications can span several kilo-meters

7. Which of the following protocols can be used by a client to access e-mail on a server?

Ans. POP3

Exp. The IMAP and POP3 protocols can be used to retrieve e-mail from mail servers. DNS resolves hostnames to IP addresses. FTP is for file downloads. SMTP is for sending e-mail to an e-mail server.

8. What model is used to provide a common way to describe network protocols?

Ans. OSI

Exp. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is used to describe how network protocols should function. The OSI model was designed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

9. Which OSI layer signals “all clear” by making sure the data segments are error free?

Ans. Transport layer

Exp. It is the responsibility of the Transport layer to signal an “all clear” by making sure the data segments are error free. It also controls the data flow and troubleshoots any problems with transmitting or receiving data frames.

10. Which of the following 802.11x standards provides data transmission speeds up to 54Mbps?

Ans. 802.11a 802.11g

Exp. Both 802.11a and 802.11g provide data transmission speeds of up to 54Mbps. 802.11b only goes up to 11Mbps. 802.11i is a security standard.

11. When SSL and HTTP are used together, what does the beginning of a site address become?

Ans. https://

Exp. When SSL and HTTP are used together, the beginning of the site address becomes https://.

12. To increase security, you decide to use your firewall to block the Telnet protocol. Which port will you need to block to prevent Telnet from being used?

Ans. 23

Exp. The Telnet protocol uses port 23. If this port is blocked, Telnet cannot be used.

13. If you are going to run a network cable in the space above the drop ceiling in your office, which type of cable should you use?

Ans. Plenum

Exp. For areas where a cable must be fire retardant, such as in a drop ceiling, you must run plenum-grade cable. Plenum refers to the coating on the sleeve of the cable, not the media (copper or fiber) within the cable itself. PVC is the other type of coating typically found on network cables, but it produces poisonous gas when burned.

14. What devices transfer packets across multiple networks and use tables to store network addresses to determine the best destination?

Ans. Routers

Exp. Routers are designed to route (transfer) packets across networks. They are able to do this routing, and determine the best path to take, based on internal routing tables they maintain.

15. Which type of media access method used by NICs that listen to or sense the cable to check for traffic and send only when they hear that no one else is transmitting?


16. Which IEEE 802 standard defines a bus topology using coaxial baseband cable and is able to transmit at 10Mbps?

Ans. 802.3

Exp. The IEEE 802.3 standard specifies the use of a bus topology, typically using coaxial base band cable, and can transmit data up to 10Mbps.

17. Which standards is backward compatible with both 802.11a and 802.11b?

Ans. 802.11n

Exp. The 802.11n standard utilizes both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums, and is backward compatible with both 802.11a (5GHz) and 802.11b (2.4GHz). 802.11g operates at 2.4GHz and is only backward compatible with 802.11b. 802.11i is a security specification.

18. What type of adapter has an RJ-11 jack built in?

Ans. Modem

Exp. Modems have RJ-11 jacks for interface to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The modular jacks that Ethernet NICs have are known as RJ-45 jacks.

19. Which category of adapters includes NICs?

Ans. Communications

Exp. Network interface cards are considered to be a form of communications adapter.

20. A physical star topology consists of several workstations that branch off a central device called ?

Ans. Hub

Exp. At the center of a star topology is a hub or a switch. A NIC is a network card, which each computer must have to be on the network. Bridges and routers are higher-level connectivity devices that connect network segments or networks together.

21. What is a type of network where all of the computers appear to be on the local network even if they are physically located in a remote location?

Ans. A VPN

Exp. A virtual private network (VPN) is one where all computers appear to be on the local LAN even if they are not. VPNs are useful for remote access as well as if you have networks in multiple locations.

22. Firewalls use a set of rules to make determinations on which traffic to block. What are those rules called?

Ans. ACL

Exp. Firewalls use an access control list (ACL) to determine which packets are allowed through it.

23. Which of the addresses is a nonroutable IP address?

Ans. A Private, nonroutable addresses are,, and

24. APIPA addresses are in which address range?

Ans. An Automatic Private IP Addressing addresses are in the network. The other network addresses listed are private nonroutable IP addresses.

 25. Which a command-line utility that enables you to verify entries on a DNS server?

Ans. Nslookup

Exp. Nslookup is a command-line utility that enables you to verify entries on a DNS server. Ping is used to see if another system is active and reachable. The tracert (trace route) utility can be used to test connectivity and see the path taken to reach another host. Ipconfig shows your IP configuration information.

26. Which tool can be used to test connectivity and see the path taken to reach another host?

Ans. Tracert

Exp. The tracert (trace route) utility can be used to test connectivity and see the path taken to reach another host. Ping is used to see if another system is active and reachable. Ipconfig shows your IP configuration information, and nslookup allows you to verify entries on a DNS server.

27. You have a computer with the IP address What class is this address?

Ans. Class B

Exp. Class A addresses have a first octet between 1 and 126, Class B between 128 and 191, and class C between 192 and 223. With a first octet of 171, this is a Class B address.

28. Which of the commands would you execute to verify that the computer has connectivity with the local area network?

Ans. ping

Exp. You can verify network connectivity by using the Ping command to probe the default gateway address. If you get a response, your computer is connected to the network. If you do not get a response, your computer has connectivity problems.

29. Which TCP/IP protocol uses port 80?


Exp. HTTP uses port 80. HTTPS uses 443, Telnet 23, and POP3 110

30. Which elements are required to communicate on a TCP/IP network?

Ans. IP address Subnet mask

Exp. To communicate on a TCP/IP network, you need to have a unique IP address and a valid subnet mask. The default gateway and DNS server are optional.

31. You are installing a network and will use wired connections. You have a distance of 80 meters between nodes in some cases. What is the maximum distance you can run UTP cable?

Ans. 100 meters

Exp. UTP cable can run for a maximum distance of 100 meters. Thinnet coaxial can run up to 185 meters, and multimode fiber can run up to 400 meters

32. Of all network cabling options, which offers the longest possible segment length?

Ans. Fiber-optic

Exp. Fiber-optic cable can span distances of several kilometers, because it has much lower crosstalk and interference in comparison to copper cables.

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