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Sachin 200 , hard to believe !

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On 24 Feb 2010 something incredible , astonishing and miraculous happened.The god as we have seen in one man Sachin Tendulkar exhibited something we have never witnessed before. He delivered a masterstroke making 200 runs in ODI ,which have been never conquered before . It seemed that for 3hrs 30 min the time stood still to salute the great man. People were entertained with belligerent , destructive with some soothing stroke play .The hunger , determination and courage to achieve constantly is an inspiration for each and every indian .About Sachin following lines would be perfect to say -

" Legends subvert the paradigm , they defy the given , make their own rules and set the world alive .Legends are not created they are born . God creates the legends , but the God is himself present on earth with bat in his hand . We call him Sachin Tendulkar .

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