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The Daily Checklist of an Effective Social Media Marketing Agency

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Imagine how effective your business could be on social media if you approached these networking sites like an agency would.

Because there are so many moving parts with social media, many businesses get overwhelmed and can’t maintain a clear vision of how they want to execute their social media marketing strategies.

The good news is that you actually can run your social media the same way that a social media marketing agency would.

If you browse the web, you can find many tips and best practices from social media agencies to use for your own business.

Since one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses today is finding time for social media, we wanted to share the daily checklist of an effective social media marketing agency:

  • Begin your day by responding to inbound social messages.

Social media has quickly become a popular channel for customer support, and customers that choose to send you a direct message regarding a problem or issue expect a prompt response.

Designate a time each day to check your inbound social messages and formulate responses.

  • Check and respond to any online mentions of your brand.

Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of a social media monitoring tool like Mention or Google Alerts to stay in-the-know of any conversations happening on the internet that involve your brand.

These tools will notify you of such mentions and will allow you to quickly respond/jump into the conversation that is taking place.

  • Find ways to engage your brand advocates.

You probably know by now who your brand advocates are.

They are outspoken fans that are constantly singing your praises on social media.

In other words, they are the modern day word-of-mouth.

Find opportunities to engage with these brand advocates to continue to deepen this relationship.

A great example of this could be to share content from your brand advocates with your own social network.

  • Monitor mentions of keywords associated with your business to identify prospective customers.

In addition to monitoring online mentions of your brand, there are 5 key areas that a social media marketing agency will monitor:

  ~ Brand Terms
 ~ Keywords that a customer would use to look up your business
 ~ Customer Needs
 ~ Customer Sentiment
 ~ Your Competition

Social listening is absolutely critical in order to implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

  • Load content into your social editorial calendar.

Take advantage of a social media management tool like Hootsuite to schedule content in advance so that it appears as if your brand is always on social media even if you’re sleeping.

As a rule of thumb, here is how often you should be posting on each social media channel each day:

  ~ Facebook: 1 to 2 times
 ~ Twitter: 2 to 6 times
 ~ Google+: 2 to 3 times
 ~ Instagram: 1 to 2 times
 ~ LinkedIn: 1 to 2 times

  • Write a blog post

Business blogs and social media go hand-in-hand in helping to raise awareness for your business and drive more traffic to your website and thought leadership for your brand.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of great tips that you can steal from a social media marketing agency, such as this daily “to do” list for knocking social media marketing out of the park.

You can also steal some incredibly effective social media marketing ideas from the big brands as well!

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