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25 Amazing Video Marketing Statistics

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Video marketing in 2017 is set to be huge mainly due to the expected impact of the videos in terms of convincing the target audience and overall consumer community. Professional advertisers have targeted video marketing as a mode of engaging the target population and these amazing statistics signify why videos are bound to take over in 2017.

45% of online community watch more than an hour of videos

Users on the online platform adding up to 45% actually watch in excess of an hour of YouTube, Facebook or Twitter videos.

22% of small business will use video

In the forthcoming 12 weeks, more than 22% of small businesses in the US plan to use video to reach out to their target audience.

87% of marketers use videos

In a bid to reach the target audience and focus on engagement, 87% of internet marketing professionals target videos.

40% of inquiries in real estate are owed to video

The real estate industry has been transformed by videos where up to 40% of total inquiries are done on listings

that have an accompanying video.

65% of businesses are scheduling budget increases to cater for video

Marketers handling advertising for businesses in the US are planning to increase their budgets to ensure allocation for videos.

Up to 82% of twitter users watch videos

Perhaps the most significant state of 2017, marketers may be happy to know that 82% of users on the twitter platform watch videos.

96% of B2B marketers use video

The businesses doing B2B marketing and using videos a the medium of engagement have been able to report up to 73% increase in the ROI.

YouTube uploads hit 72 hours every minute

With the lapse of every 60 seconds, YouTube records uploads of up to 72 hours of content which shows the increased volume.

Viewership of videos hits 500 million hours

YouTube has recorded the viewership of videos to be more than 500 million hours each day making it a significant engagement pathway.

Videos impact 90% of decision making

Users targeted by marketers using videos have attributed to the videos having a 90% bearing on decision making.

The US internet users watching videos hit 85%

The online content consumer market in the US that watches videos has reached a peak of 85% and 2017 may see the percentage rise further.

Mobile video increases by 100% annually

YouTube has noted that there is a 100% annual increase in the consumption of mobile video which is a welcome stat for marketers.

Online community placing trust in video Ads hits 36%

36% of the online community that transact by making purchases place their trust in video Ads and use them to gain confidence in the brand.

92% of mobile videos are shared

Videos optimized for the mobile devices are widely shared with the percentage coming in at 92%.

Video content exceeds television network content

The amount of video content uploaded in a span of 30 days has easily surpassed the content that has been created by television in 30 years.

Videos in email set 200-300% CTR increase

Using videos in email is a step that contributes to between 200-300% increase in CTR which is favorable for businesses maximizing on client engagement.

Videos catapult engagement by 22%

Full page Ads that are combined with videos are able to enhance the capacity of engagement by almost 22%.

Marketers experience a 157% increase in organic traffic when using videos

Videos have been identified as the drivers of organic traffic increasing the percentage by up to 157%.

51% of professional marketers consider video to have biggest ROI

51% of the marketing professionals with an experience in video marketing have mentioned videos as having the significant ROI.

YouTube covers a third of online community

The number of internet users in the world is in excess of 3 billion which makes the over 1 billion YouTube users rank as one third of the total.

Videos increase revenue by 49%

The marketers that use videos have identified a 49% increase in total revenue than the professionals that do not utilize the videos.

64% of users buy after watching a video

Marketers have ascertained that 64% of users are able to make a purchase online after watching a video about the product or brand.

Videos on landing pages improve SERP rankings by 53%

The landing pages that have videos have a 53% chance of improving the rankings on the Search Engine Results Page.

80% conversion enhancement with video on landing page

Using videos on a landing page is a strategy that increases the conversion rate by up to 80% which is a significant digit for commercial websites.

1200% more shares are generated from social videos

A highly significant contribution by videos is evidenced by the fact that 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than a combination of images and texts.

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