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Know more about Mattress Support Cores and its Valid Importance

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Every mattress has a support core to minimize the discomfort of its user. Quality sleeping mattresses are sure to have the best support core to help the person sleeping on it to relax restfully. They are surrounded by the comfort layers to help sleepers to have soft surface to sleep soundly.

In present era there are numerous supportive cores composed to make best comfortable mattress. They vary in accordance to the material used, density and composition formatted to lengthen lifespan of the mattress.

Noting some of the popular materials used as inner supportive core:

• Innerspring

Since three to four decades using steel coils or springs have been popular mode to make the inner core of the mattress. The steel is tempered for the material to become more flexible. The coils at the border are surrounded by layers of protective materials to reduce the wear and tear of the springs.

Another benefit of using spring is that the mattress won’t sag easily. The durability and comforts depends upon the number of coils used in the mattress. Normally the coil count is 300 to 1000, used to have maximum contouring. Few expensive mattresses have more than 2000 counts of coil for providing extreme support to the sleeper.

Another fact to note is its wire gauge and the number of turns each coil possess. The thinness of the coil and its turn determines the supportive feature of the mattress.

• Latex:

It’s a natural substance derived from rubber tree. It’s soft, resilient and has the ability to support the posture of person lying on the mattress. Even it is used in the designing of comfort layers. It doesn’t have any coils or any other tool parts. Only adhesives are used to bond all the layers of latex.

Latex is mainly of two kinds. Totally pure organic ones and the other is synthetic latex. The latter is formatted utilizing petrochemicals. Normally manufactures of mattress believe in mixing both the form of latex to enhance the durability and softness of the mattress.

Presently the usage of pure natural kind of latex is used for improving the comfort level of the sleeping mat. The naturally derived ones are eco friendly, thus best suitable for individuals who are allergen to chemically formatted products. Synthetic ones are cheaper and readily available whereas the mattress made of naturally available latex is little expensive.

• Polyurethane foam:

Commonly known as polyfoam is a chemically composed material having similar features like latex. The foam is cheaper compare to other materials used for support core of a mattress. It is mostly used to form cushions, car seats and other form of sitting accessories.

The only issue is polyfoam tends to wear and tear in shorter period compare to other supporting core materials. Some users of mattress composed with this material complain that it isn’t adequate to support your body frame and sleeper experience body aches after getting up from sleep.

• Airbeds:

As the name suggests air is filled in the core part known as bladder and a consistent air pressure is maintained to support any kind of body posture of the sleeper using the mattress.

The mattress consisting of air filled support core chamber is little expensive and unsuitable to use if you sleep in same position. It’s best for people who stretch a lot while sleeping and change their postures of sleep frequently.

• Water beds:

Like airbed this kind of support core contains a chamber filled free flow or wave less water. Majority of the water bed is used in therapeutic places to heal varied health issues. The water can be heated to massage the sleeper’s body to drive away pain.

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