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Windows 7 Installing Solution

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As I have seen many people get Problems on Installing Windows 7 through Partition. Some say when we Mount Windows 7 Iso File in Virtual Drive and start Installation- When The First Task Completes, the System restarts. And then it starts giving error that Virtual Drive does not exist. It is just because the Virtual Drive Can Not Be Use In Command Prompt. This Is The Main Reason That Windows 7 Iso File Which Was Mounted In Virtual Drive Can Also Not Be Seen And It Start Giving File Installation Error.

According To My Experience I Will Tell You The Best And The Easy Way To Install. If You Have Windows 7 Iso File In Your Hard Disk Partition Drive. The Best Way Is That You Just Extract Windows 7 Iso File With Any Latest Winrar Or 7 zip To Windows 7 Folder To Any Hard Disk Partition Drive. And Start Windows 7 Setup From Windows 7 Folder. When The System Restarts After Completing Its First Task It Will Proceed To Second Task With Out Giving Any Error. As Same As We Install Windows 7 From Cd Or Dvd.

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