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The True Reason Why Ostriches Cannot Fly

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At times standing tall at 6 feet, ostriches usually weigh 200 pounds or more. Although they have a wingspan of about 7 feet, yet they need longer wings to achieve a flight. As a matter of fact, even if ostriches weighed much less than what they weigh or possessed longer wings, they would have still been devoid of flight as neither this massive weight or insufficiently shorter wings are the reason for their flightless plight.

The mass extinction of the dinosaur community is hugely responsible as why ostriches cannot fly. When dinosaurs existed and ruled the world, their mammoth size accompanied by rapid mating techniques, took up most of their surrounding environment. After these colossal creatures became extinct, there remained huge acres of free land area. As a result of the availability of this enormous land area, a lot of animals, especially birds started to accustom themselves to land life. They took up this newly available domain and increased their communities over the generations to come.

As time passed and evolution took its gradual course, ostriches began to gain in size and adapt themselves to this new life. Gradually, as they grew bigger in size, they lost their capability to fly. The common misconception revolving ostriches are that their ancestors too were flightless which is incorrect. They were in fact flying birds that eventually lost their ability to fly over the generations. Ostriches were not born flightless.

It is surprising yet funny that these birds slowly and gradually forgot how to fly, owing to the consistent process of evolution. The same logic is applicable in the reasoning of the fact why humans have tailbones yet no tails.

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