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Apsarakonda true to its name is enchanting as ever

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Apsarakonda or the pond of Apsaraís or celestial beings is true to its name.. Located near Honnavar, Uttarakannada district in the state of Karnataka, itís a seasonal fall not very big, but with a special beauty. The way to the falls, promoted by tourism department of Karnataka, is marked by boards and milestones for easier access.

There is an ashram, a branch of Ramachandra mutt, by the roadside, and the mud way to the falls and garden start from here.

The ambiance of the area covered by banyan and other big trees is fabulous. The pure water falling 10-15 meters from the top makes one want to jump into the pool and take a bath.

The legend associated with the name of the waterfall is that it was the chosen place of the angels to take a bath and relax. Indeed, the beauty of the waterfall enclosed by foliage and hidden caves, is such that one tends to believe that the place was truly the preferred bathing spot of the celestial creatures.

The apasarakonda garden on top of the hill acts not only as a garden but doubles up as a viewpoint. There are a few benches where you can relax and take in the spectacular views. Seeing the sunset and enjoying the breeze from the sea below, is indeed a memorable experience.

A lot of thought has gone into the layout of the garden which is done quite artistically. The park benches are sculpted in stone and embossed with seashells. And the exterior of the building at the center of the garden is designed with art work in brick.

The other interesting destinations nearby include Pandava caves on top of the hills, where legendary Pandava brothers is said to have stayed during their exile; temples of Ganapati and Narasimha, and the expanse of unexplored beaches. Trekkers could pitch a tent and explore the place for a day.

Ideally the best time to visit the waterfall is the monsoon season from June to October when there is plenty of water. But from October to February is also the season.

Apsara konda village is located approximately 6-7 kms from Honnavar. When you travel from Mangalore to Honnavar, after crossing Murudeshwar, a detour from the highway will take you to this waterfall.

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