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The Man with the Magic Hands!

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If the real artist is someone who finds beauty and inspiration in everything around, here we introduce you to a real artist!

This man - Raman aka Appan- hailing from Tripunithura, Kerala is a professionally qualified man, who has contributed a large part of his life for making beautiful crafts from various materials. The exquisite crafts you see with him are just some of the creations made by himself.

Appan has got keen observation power, and tries to imagine what he can make from each and every thing he sees around. He has a keen artistic sense as well.

This is one amazing craft he did for us. You'll never get a clue of the materials he has used to come up with this beautiful product.

Appan explains the main materials he uses for making crafts are dried areca nuts, receptacles and calyx of flowers, and petals that are available locally, and aluminium or copper wire. He has a habit of collecting dried areca nuts, receptacle and calyx of different flowers. Once he is in a mood to make crafts, he starts to search in his collection, and finally comes out with amazing products.

The golden shower tree, or Konna you see on the left behind him is one of the earlier crafts he has made. He made the Konna flowers with the receptacles of a flower, locally known as Neermaruthu. The stems and branches of the tree are made with original plant sticks and branches and the base for the tree is made with cement.

The making of the plants are not an easy task. It needs a lot of patience and time. He usually takes months to complete one single plant.

First, he inserts beaded copper or aluminum wire into dried areca nut caps to make a flower like shape.

Once the flower shape is finished, he starts to paint each flower. According to him, the colouring part is a bit tough. It is time consuming and needs a lot of patience to complete.

Once the paint gets dry, he collects some sticks from the plants and attaches the flowers to these sticks as branches. This also takes some days to finish. And finally he makes the base of the plant and paints it. This is the basic method he follows to make the craft.

He also makes carving and sculptures from wood. Wooden lamps of different types are his masterpiece. Things he makes from coconut shell are also awesome and amazing. He also makes mementos for schools or cultural organisations using such natural things.. Demand for his products are increasing day by day.

The amazing fact about the products is that it is completely handmade, except the polishing part.

He wants to continue this hobby until his health allows… and is least interested in selling his crafts for money. The passion he has for his crafts is clear from his actions and the way he tends to them.

With a humble voice he says.., isn’t it a brilliant idea to create such art from plant litters? Anyone one can do it easily.. That may be true, but who can imagine such beautiful outcome from useless things, unless he is an artist?

Watch Video: The Man with the Magic Hands

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