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Politics for the sake of common man

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Sahahzad("AL ANSAR MILLAT WELFARE SOCIETY,Basar Bigha,Soh Sarai,Bihar Sharif,Nalanda") Said Don't be amused if I try to make a comparison between Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi.

Nitish Kumar is a seasoned politician, a down-to-earth "common man", a product of JP-movement, highly experienced in governance as union cabinet minister and now as Bihar's chief minister, recipient of several awards and accolades for good governance and administration etc. However, Rahul Gandhi is relatively new entrant to politics, labeled as the product of "dynastic politics", no experience in governance but highly enthusiastic about active participation of youth and women in politics.So, Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi stand widely apart and therefore do not attract any comparison. But recently Microsoft's Bill Gates, as co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has lauded the efforts of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in the area of healthcare.Refering to Nitish Kumar, he says - "The health statistics from northern India are terrible - nearly 10 per cent of children there die before the age of five. In response, the Indian government is committed to increasing its focus and spending on health. On the trip, I got to talk to Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, one of the poorest states in India, and hear about some great work he is doing to improve vaccination rates". Gates Foundation has now agreed to fund "Reproductive Health and Nutrition" projects and also help combat TB, Kala-azar, Pneumonia and Polio".Refering to Rahul Gandhi, he says - "I also got to meet with Rahul Gandhi, who is part of a new generation of political leaders focused on making sure these investments are well spent. The foundation is considering funding measurement systems to help improve these programmes. Rahul was very frank in saying that right now a lot of the money is not getting to the intended recipients and that it won't be easy to fix. His openness was refreshing, since many politicians won't say anything that might discourage a donor from giving more. He explained how organising local groups, primarily of women, and making sure they watch over the spending is one tactic he has seen make a big difference. The long-term commitment to measuring results and improving the delivery systems that I heard from him and other young politicians assured me that health in India will improve substantially in the decade ahead."Bill Gates praise for both Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi shows that both of them are doing exemplary work for the common man. While Nitish Kumar is working within the framework of existing system even if the prevailing corruption siphons off some of the resources, Rahul Gandhi on the other hand is focussing on delivery system that will ensure that the intended recipients, the common man, is truly benefitted.Both are doing good work, but as it is customary in politics of power, they will continue to criticize and fight against each other. Can't they join hands together and synergize their efforts for the sake of common man?

   Mayank chaudhary, Delhi
Posted On : 16.1.2011

You are right that both should shake their hands for the sake of common man but nowadays politics is a game and gambler play it with intention of getting profit and money. No doubt Nitish and Rahul have well done in their respective field but the main hurdle is that they belng to opposite party and they will hardly join their hands. But as a citizen we can use our voting power in selection of that leader who really works for us. If they join then it will be golden era but alas we should choose the true leader.

ur article was focusing on the path of development and it should be publically displayed so that media and leaders both come across it.

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