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Ozhungal Mana | Palakkad

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Ozhungal Mana is a 150 year-old nalukettu construction situated in Peringanoor near Pattambi, in Palakkad district, Kerala. 

As in most naalukettu constructions, ‘pathayappura’ or the storeroom to keep paddy, is typically in front of the main building. As we enter the main building of the mana, ‘Poomukham’ or the sit out is its main attraction.

The inhabitants of the mana- keeps it meticulously clean. The members of the mana still continue the daily pooja in the temple. So they don’t encourage people from outside to enter the mana. 

There is a beautiful pond and a small temple in the compound. 

The Brahmin family with only 5 members living in this naalukettu works hard to maintain the spacious mana with many rooms.

Watch Ozhungal Mana video:

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