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Authentic flavours of Amritsar -- in luxury

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Home to the holiest gurdwara of Sikhism -- the Harmandir Sahib -- Amritsar entices devotees with its divine and spiritual energy. And what adds to the splendour of the city is the absolutely scrumptious food on offer.

Lassi at the Grant Trunk Restaurant, Taj Swarna
  There is definitely something satisfying about experiencing this culinary capital of Punjab in the luxurious ambience of the Taj Swarna, which is located at the outer Circular Road, a few kilometres from the Golden Temple.

Even in the lap of luxury, the Punjabi flavours and aromas of the winding streets of Amritsar remain outstanding. 

"Our chef went around the city to all the great places that have been ruling its gastronomy (to pick the best)," Sohilpreet Kaur from the hotel told IANS.

Amritsari Kulcha served with Chole at Taj Swarna, Amritsar
  And it all comes together at the Grand Trunk restaurant at the Taj Swarna which really brings out the essence of Amritsari cuisine, even as it introduces a modern tadka to the traditional. With dishes such as Amritsari macchi, Lawrence Road ki keema kaleji and akuri on Amritsari kulcha, the menu reflects the city's culinary map. 

  International flavours also find a home at The Chinese Room, which offers pan-Asian cuisine influenced by the tastes and flavours of Japan, Thailand, China and Indonesia. 

The Chinese Room restaurant at Taj Swarna delights with flavours from the Far East.
Breaking away from the typically hearty Amritsari palate, The Chinese Room gives you healthy and fresh dining options, utilising an array of ingredients like pokchoy, coconut, ginger, mushrooms and bamboo shoots -- offering a fresh and light gastronomic experience.

The restaurant also showcases a menu with scrumptious sushi, succulent sashimi, delectable dimsums and steamed river sole with black pepper and fresh coriander.

For every hearty eater, there is a hearty drinker, especially in Punjab. 

The bar at the hotel -- The Peg -- offers guests a stunning view even as they unwind in the cosy interiors. The beverage list is exciting, ranging from innovative cocktails and mocktails, to revered spirits and wines.

In sum, a worthwhile experience.

(The writer's visit was at the invitation of Taj Swarna.

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