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International Coir Museum | The Treasure Trove of Alleppey!

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The International Coir Museum is a treasure trove of records on the surfacing of coir industry in Kerala, a first of its kind in the world.The Museum was inaugurated on 27th May 2014 at Coir Board Complex; Kalavoor in Alleppey district and it is now open to the public.

The Coir Board established this Museum in its Diamond Jubilee year. It depicts historical events, traces of history beginning from the arrival of Ireland born James Darragh from America to Alappuzha in 1859 to explore the prospects of coir. The statues of James Darragh and his manager cum son-in-law Henry Small are also portrayed.

The evolution of scientific advancements made in the coir sector is also a major exhibit. The museum imprints the village beauty and the greenery of Kuttanad, a well-known region in Alleppey.

The museum has recreated a whole village to show case the traditional process of coir spinning and the development of coir industry, including retting and fibre extraction. One could witness the advent of mechanization in the coir sector; see various machines and looms that make different products with coir.

There is a theatre to show a short video that takes the visitors through the world of coir over the ages and gives information on the origin and growth of the industry and the latest developments.

At the souvenir shop in the museum, visitors can shop for a wide array of coir handicrafts, coir doormats, coir ornaments and lot more. As coir is regarded as an integral component of the state’s heritage, this Museum indeed preserves the legacy of Kerala.

Highlights from the museum artifacts collection:

Watch Video:

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