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The Journey to Monkey Falls, Coimbatore

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Monkey falls is a beautiful waterfall near Aaliyar dam, in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu.

Located just 6 km away from Aaliyar dam on the Pollachi-Valparai highway in the Anaimalai hill range, Monkey falls is about 20 kms from Pollachi and about 55km from Valparai.

From the road we can see the picturesque falls surrounded by rock cliffs and some beautiful trees. The water in the falls comes from Anaimalai- Valparai hills and it goes to Aaliyar dam.

Monkey falls is named so because of the large number of monkeys seen near the falls. They are very tricky and mischievous. So the tourists must be cautious.

Tickets to enter the falls are available from the check-post 3km from the falls. The ticket fare is minimal, just 20 Rs approx. per head.

June to January is the season; September/October is the best time to visit. The water gushing down from the top of the hill is very clean and pure. Many people take bath in the waterfall; there are washroom facilities near the falls. The water is very cold and rocks tend to be slippery.

The surroundings are usually kept neat but during the season when the place is crowded, it tends to be dirty. The picturesque surrounding area and the drive through the ghat section, along the winding roads with forests and tea plantations, and the possibility of animal sightings such as Nilgiri Tahr, Lion Tailed Macaques which are endangered and occasionally elephants make it all worthwhile.

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