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Montreal Biodome | The World Under One Roof!

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The Montreal Biodome or the house of life, located in Montreal, Canada truly recreates the four natural & beautiful ecosystems of America - Tropical Rainforest, Laurentian Maple Forest, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Labrador Coast, Sub-Antarctic Islands in a literally wondrous way.

Photo Courtesy: Espace pour la vie

The Venue of Biodome was originally a ‘velodrome’ - track cycling arena built by a French architect, Roger Taillibert in around 1970’s as part of the Olympics Park. Study on the possibility of converting the velodrome into a biodome was done in 1988 and by 1992, Montreal biodome was reconstructed and opened for public. As the years passed, it underwent many improvisations.

Photo Courtesy: Espace pour la vie

Biodome has an incredible collection of living species, which includes more than 4,500 animals from 250 different species, and 500 plant species. It has both terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals which make it a perfect natural laboratory to learn the interactions of such beings. Biodome is not a usual zoo or botanical garden but a combination of different ecosystems under one big roof. Each and every animal, plant and environment found here gives the visitors an experience of seeing the natural world of America. It is a kind of exhibition where public have lots more to see, explore and experience.

The two main kind of interactive exhibitions found in the Biodome are the Fossil Affair and the Naturalia room.

Photo Courtesy: Espace pour la vie

Apart from the heavenly environment it presents, the basic aim of the Bio dome is to educate people about nature and its living beings, and give a message of conservation of nature and all endangered species. The efforts are also to spread awareness about the need to preserve and protect our natural habitats. Thus Montreal Bio dome inspires people through different levels like educational, experimental, research level etc.

With this great mission, Montreal Biodome keeps it doors open to all and is a must see for nature lovers.

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