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Kuzhupilly Beach | A Quick Relaxing Getaway!

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The village of Kuzhupilly, very closely located to Cherai in Kochi is a quintessential hamlet… with its glorious temples and historic churches embodying the heart and soul of Kerala’s cultural and natural heritage.  The famous temple of Pallathankulangara is closely situated to the Kuzhupilly beach. 

At the beach one can find the shining sliver of golden sands, bordered by the oceans intense blue on one side and the vibrant turquoise and aqua’s of the backwaters on the other. This beach is an ideal spot simply to take a stroll or to sit and laze by. Evenings especially the sunsets are extremely beautiful here at this beach. One can immerse oneself watching the splendid sight of the burning sun going down into the Arabian Sea.

There are quite a few home stays located here in this region for travelers who love the sun and the sand. These places offer a quite and soothing ambience along with some delicious mouth watering coastal delicacies.

Kuzhupilly beach is definitely the touch of the divine Artist’s brush against the palette of nature, which has resulted in a haven of breathtaking beauty and tranquility and this is truly a piece of paradise in God’s Own Country, Kerala that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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