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Age-old fables, wise suggestions, exploring sexuality (IANS books)

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Fables can never fade away from our lives. And here's a book which brings alive the age-old tale of Vikram and Vetaal which will captivate the reader's imagination even today.

There's also a handy guide for those who want to overcome confused situations and learn how studying can be made delightful; a fictional journey into the world of protagonist Mohanaswamy who wants to move ahead in life leaving behind the harsh memories of humiliation and fear of adolescence. Here is what IANS bookshelf has to offer for this week. Read on!

1. Book: Sivadasa; Author: Deepa Agarwal; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 183; Price: Rs 250 

In a land of glorious kings, bloodthirsty demons and talking spirits was born the lore of Vikram and Vetaal. After a series of mysterious events, King Vikramaditya carries the Vetaal, a witty ghost, on a long journey through death's playground.

The Vetaal narrates the most fascinating stories and asks the most puzzling riddles leaving Vikram completely stunned. The age-old wisdom tale of Vikram and Vetaal is brought alive by the author in this beautiful adaptation that captivates readers even today.

2. Book: Ready Steady Go; Author: Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 222; Price: Rs 299

Scared of sitting for the maths exam in school? Have to complete your chemistry assignment but the cricket match is distracting you? Can't concentrate on French verbs due to a fight with your lover? Worry not, for there are solutions to overcome such situations.

Authors Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke, teachers at the Art of Living and ex-IITians, tell how studying can be made into a delightfully enjoyable and meaningful experience focused on learning and not merely preparing for an exam.

3. Book: Mohanaswamy; Author: Vasudhendra; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 271; Price: Rs 399

The protagonist, Mohanaswamy, has just lost his long-time partner Karthik to a woman. Even as he scrutinises himself, the choices he has made, the friends and lovers he's gained and lost, Mohanaswamy dreams of living a simple and dignified life.

Coming out of the closet for the author Vasudhendra himself, the story is a gritty narrative of homosexual love, urban life, and class told with an unflinching honesty that will jolt readers out of their notions of the literary and the palatable.

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