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A trek to Peruvanmala

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Peruvanmala, a natural hillock with beautiful greenery, spread over an area of almost 50 acres, is located at Thalakkottukara village near Kechery, 16km from Thrissur on the Thrissur – Kunnamkulam route…


About 100m above sea level, this isolated grassland is an ideal place for nature lovers to take a break… 

On top of the hill there is a temple of Lord Shiva Peruvanmala Mahadeva Kshetram open from 6.30 to 8.30 am.. The whole hillock is under the administration of Cochin Devaswom board.. Considering the height of the hill from the ground, it is amazing that the temple-well is full almost every season.

temple of Lord Shiva

Vehicles will go only ½ km up to the top of the hill and then one has to walk the rest of the way, which is very slippery. It takes about ½ an hour to trek to the top. From the top, we can get an eagles eye view of Thrissur, Kunnamkulam, Guruvayoor, Wadakanchery areas.  

Peruvanmala is covered with green meadows and trees. One of the rarest tree, which can be found here, is the 'aalmavu', an amalgamation of a banyan, 'aal' in local dialect, and 'maavu', a mango tree. One can relax under the tree, or on the rocks at the edge of the hillock to enjoy the view and the sunset. Sunset here is spectacular.

view point

If you are lucky, you can find Peacocks, said to be common in this area.

In the August- September season, bi-coloured flowering herb, Persian violets locally called Kannanthali, blooms in between the grass meadows.. This endangered medicinal herb is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat several ailments.

Peruvanmala is a hidden view point away from the hustle and bustle of city life.. It's a fine experience to walk through the mud path lined with cashew trees, sit on the rocks, feel the beautiful breeze in serene environs..


The best time to visit is in June after the first rains when the grass is greener and the breeze cooler…Peruvanmala is 3kms from Kechery (Eranellur) and 13 kms from Guruvayur…

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When does the temple open in the evening ?

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